Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holistic Rems & OOTDs

How's everyone's day so far??
We experienced almost a 90 degree day Monday!!
Therefore, I rocked one of my new Tarjay Maxis!!
I snuck outside for a bit and soaked in some vitamin D
and so did Holly Wally!
*Note the hyacinths growing; I planted them & they came up*
Yesterday hubs had off, since he will have to work
on Friday which is his normal day off. 
 Cardi: H&M
Tank: Loft
Jeans: Vera Wang @ Kohls
Black peep toes: Candies @ Kohls
It was a rather holistic kind of day and
aside from my annoying allergy sneezes,
I feel great!
Anyone else having allergy issues??
The husband had a chiropractor appointment
and I went along.
This guy was fantastic and I cannot wait to go
and get my adjustment from him!
You can't just go to any Chiro, you really need
to find a good one.
He shared a philosophy that my husband and I 
are taking very seriously.
If you have any issues going on..
migraines, stomachaches, stress, anxiety, obesity, etc...
{the list can go on and on}
Strictly focus on the 
  • eat 6 clean meals a day
  • exercise at least 4 times a week
  • 8 hours of sleep a night
  • have fun
Before you have to go on all these crazy meds,
implement these core four principles and see if your
condition changes.
 I truly believe in this and it seems so simply stupid,
but really, how many of us eat 6 times a day?
And eat "clean" at that?
The chiropractor's wife is his assistant who runs
 the front desk. She made him
a protein shake as one of his meals while we were there.
It was such a positive and calming environment.
He really talked and listened to what shoulder/back
issues my husband's been having,
and he really cared to hear about us as people.
I told him how I stopped teaching to stay home
and his reaction was a lot different than most;
he literally clapped his hands in a circle and said
Good for you.
He really made my day!
We talked about how it's so traditional and 
to some people, seems backwards, but how
effective it is and beneficial to our health,
our lives.
{As I type this, the doggies are rolling around playing;
something they'd not be able to do if I was actually 
administering the ELA because they'd be stuck in their crates..
just sayin..}
After the chiropractor, we stopped over to get Joe's suit 
jackets taken in a bit & buy some new ones.
After that I went to some acupuncture for some stress relief.
She talked a lot about how it's in our genes and most of how
we are built, we cannot control.
She saw lots of 'heart heat' coming from the needles.
I am a bit lot more sensitive than most,
and stress over things Joe wouldn't blink an eye at.
It's not my fault, but it does get the best of me sometimes.
My acupuncturist commended me at hows
proactive I am about it; I can tell
right away when I'm just feeling
a little bit worked up.
She told me to lay off
pickles, hot sauces, cinnamon, and any
other spicy triggers.
Funny how food can affect us, but I believe in it.
I cannot wait to be sipping the drink of the day on 
The Carnival Dream.
On the adults only.
Serenity Deck.
Have a lovely day!!


  1. Love your dress pretty girl, send me some sun!!! :)

  2. i have never been to the chiro or acupuncture!! i would though!!!

  3. Sounds like a productive day! I love that dress!

  4. Speaking of healthy and natural remedies...thank you for the colloidal silver, it really helps!
    That maxi IS so cute! Can.Not.Wait.To be on that deck on the ship!!! xoxo Love you!

  5. :) I LOVED the weather Monday, made me wanna go to the beach soooo bad! love that maxi dress too!

  6. I have a friend that was telling me about acupuncture. It scares me silly! Love this dress beautiful!

  7. Love that maxi so cute!!! :-)

  8. I am really going to try to apply those four core principles to my life! They make so much sense, and I totally believe they must have an affect on a person's health. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Jen! Oooh and now I know to stay away from pickles, too! I eat those like crazy (because they're zero calories, and I think that's the coolest thing ever hahah).

  9. Cute maxi!!
    Sounds like a wonderful chiropractor. I've never tried acupuncture before - is it painful at all?


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