Monday, April 23, 2012

Makeup, Movie & a Meal! My views on it all.

April Showers....
may kill our May flowers?
I am not so sure what the weather wants to do lately.
I got a sunburn while having lunch with my sister last Friday.
We sat outside and enjoyed lunch in 84 degree, cloudless weather.
There are numerous school closings and 
apparently every place south of us, has heavy, wet snow!
We just have rain...and lots of it here.
I hope it clears up a bit Saturday night when we 
throw my lil sis a bachelorette party!!
I had a wonderful Saturday with my girlfriend Kristin.
We stopped at the mall for a little Bare Escentuals visit
She bought a few fun items, including a gorgeous 
nude lipstick. I love how they let you try it all first!
I left with...
My foundation.
I run out of this most often because I love it!!
 I wanted a new blush,
but was sidetracked by this fun package
of bronzed & brilliant
She did my left side of my face with it,
and the difference was seriously
amazing! I love the little fan brush too.
 And I am ready to rock some red, red lips.
I haven't worn red lipstick 
(other than in dance recitals or shows)
and this one called, Strength
was calling my name.
I cannot wait to pull this off on my pout!
Next on our list was to see a moooooovie.
We wanted to see 
*all images via google images*
 Quick review:
  • Super cheesy (we figured)
  • A few tear-jerking moments, but no actual tears.
  • A bit of a far-fetched plot at times
  • A tad over-dramatic, I may have laughed out loud at a 'sad' scene
  • I did love the scenery & simplicity of their country lives.
I'm glad we went to a matinee & had $2 coupons off.
I am also happy I didn't subject hubs to it, as he would have fallen asleep!
I will admit, watching the characters truly "live" without technology all the time,
makes me want to throw away my phone and keep my computer off.
Don't get me wrong, they had Iphones & fancy flat screen tvs in the movie,
but they weren't the main focus of all the characters.
They were reading books & talking a lot to each other.
I'm starting to notice the importance of unplugging more and more.
I've deleted the Facebook App. on my phone.
Hubs put on jazz music for dinner last night & afterwards,
we went into the living room and just talked
[and I showed him some yoga moves she should try]
I don't care how talented you are, no decent convo
can occur when the television, iPad, iPhone, laptop, is on.
I don't want to be 'that girl on her phone.'
There is nothing worse than seeing people out to eat,
all members of the family texting, tweeting, facebooking...
what happened to the art of conversation?
I know with blogging, I should be recording all
awesome moments that I want to share with you,
but sometimes?
I just want to be in the moment.
Speaking of, 
after the movie, Kristin and I went to dinner.
It was a cute & trendy restaurant 
and I had one of those half-off deals.
Now, hubs eats a lot of pizza at work,
so he never wants to go out for it.
I am a true pizza lover and love trying new creations!
So, we walk into the restaurant, and it's a little after 5pm.
We walk up to the host, and tell him a table for two.
Him: Do you have reservations?
Kristin: Oh, no! We didn't think we'd need them this early!? So sorry!
Him: hmmmm...sigh....geeeeze, lemme's a small place so we fill up fast!
{I turn around and see a sea of open tables, and two tables occupied}
Him: I think we can squeeze you in right over here.
Kristin: Oh, thank you so much, so sorry..etc etc
I laugh to myself all the way to one of the many open tables.
Kristin looks at me, like what is so funny...
and I realize how much my husband has influenced me.
I explain to her, that there are a lot of open tables,
and just because they serve over-priced pizzas,
this is considered trendy.
The host is trying to make us feel guilty for no reservations,
but there is no need for a reservation at an early bird seating like this!
Look around!?! 
For instance, when we call to make reservations at one of the local
restaurants, no matter what time you tell them, for instance, 7:00, they will so say,
"Oh, well, about 7:45 or 8:15"
Because apparently it's really cool to eat at quarter after/of.
It brings me back to this scene of the movie 
Date Night:

{I remember watching this movie on our flight home from Rome on our honeymoon!}
K & I were dying laughing, and continued this joke all throughout our meal,
as the water took forever to be filled.
{He finally brought a pitcher with a slice of cucumber ooooo}
Our wine was served in mini carafes, 
{so we could pour it ourselves into a glass}
our appetizer was delivered..
and our my burnt bottom pizza took FOR-EVER 
to be brought to us.
Meanwhile, once the place was hustling and bustling 
there were pizzas flying out left & right...
So we attributed our semi-slow service
to having no reservations.
It just cracks me up.
It's one thing, if you have 5-6 waiters waiting on you, 
folding your napkin & placing it on your chair as you
use the restroom, scrape your table with a crumb catcher,
and order a meal that is so incredibly well cooked, you shed a tear.
But in a pizza place with brown paper table 'cloths'
I wasn't that impressed.
Was it terrible?
Absolutely not.
I would not have changed a thing in the world!
I had so much fun and we even commented how
all day we were together, but until we sat
face-to-face and were able to just,
it felt like we hadn't been able to talk about anything important.
And that brings me to my next point of,
I will no longer have an expectation of restaurant food,
but rather the experience.
The ability to sit down and be waited on.
The focus isn't on how well my meal turned out,
or when I'm going to get those dishes done,
but rather, how is that person doing that I'm with?
To just sit and talk, and talk, and put our phones away.
That is what is so important.
It is time to get to work!
I will consult my master cleaning plan:
Since we have a lot going on this weekend, I better
get my booty into gear!
Have a great week!!
And remember...
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  1. I love everything about this post! Jim and I catch ourselves pulling out our phones during dinner out and really, it is so RUDE!!! We were at the beach last week and I took the babes out to dinner and there was a table of 5 in a family and they were ALL ON THEIR PHONES!!!!! I was like you are on vacation! Enjoy each other! I need to be better about this, too. I want to take pics and tweet stuff when we are doing something fun but I would also love to just leave the phone in my bag and just BE in the moment!! Wow I am obis passionate about this:) I couldn't agree with you more on everything you said. Don't get me started on the pretentious pizza place...

  2. So agree with this post. J is always on his phone it seems. so when we hangout on the couch I make him turn it off!! So I so so agree!! :)

  3. I'm trying to be better about unplugging too. Nighttime is family time, not time for checking emails. I also love going to see sappy, romantic movies. We always see matinees because it's cheaper and we don't want to deal with the rowdy teenagers later at night.

    I SO understand that snobby attitude you encountered at the pizza place. Come on, it's a pizza place, not a grand ball at the White House!

  4. i do think its good to pull away and put the phones and computers up!..I loved that about the movie as well!!


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