Friday, April 13, 2012

Giving Thanks on a Friday

Happy Friday!
I am thankful...
for wonderful parents,
for siblings,
for some really great friends;
the kind where you can tell them anything and they won't judge.
This goes for you bloggy friends too,
even though we've never met,
I'm glad to have a friend in you!
I am thankful for the shining sun,
my two crazy furbabies,
for saying goodbye to our old deck,
and hello to our new one!
I am thankful for
good people,
and bad.
Humans are funny creatures and
sometimes they want to bring others down.
It is then, that we need to stand taller
smile more,
live life to its fullest,
and recognize all that we are grateful for.
Life is tough;
there will be moments of confusion,
and heartache.
There will also be belly laughs,
contagious smiles,
and true friends.
Most importantly,
be yourself.
Be happy.
And not be sorry.
You really only have one life to live.
I am most thankful for husband.
I look forward to spending the whole day with him today!
Make the most of your today lovies!! 
Here's the current song in my head...


  1. GREAT post. Such a great reminder. Have a wonderful weekend with you hubby! Hugs pretty lady.

  2. Love your thankfuls! (And I'm also OBSESSED with this song! But isn't the video so weird and trippy?)

  3. Love that song, downloaded it yesterday, and its on repeat.


  4. Thankful to be friends with you, too, lady!! That Gotye song is awesome ... they did a really great version on Glee this week. I'm listening to it on.repeat.

  5. Dad & I are thankful for you too!! xoxoxo <3


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