Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Mexican Fiesta For Girls Night!

I love girls night!!
I have been a tad stressed as of late,
and I really appreciated a few precious hours
with some of my closest friends.
{Norm, you need to make an appearance puh-lease, 
NYC is not that far!}
Matty discussed taught us what a "throuple" is
and discussed the gay-borhoods in South Beach.
Kristin entertained us with many stories
"You know, not everyone likes Cilantro"
and Alison's twins stole our hearts as
they kissed her goodnight!
It is still so crazy to see one of my bffs
as a mommy!
As for the food...
We snacked on yummy chips and a corn salsa,
and Alison out-did herself with
{which, I will request again when I don't have to drive!!}
and a full blown Mexican feast.
She made the black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole 
and carne asada
{I had no clue what that was! 
It's flank steak marinated and grilled for your tacos!!}
Mexican is by far my favorite food,
and I realized on the way home, I hadn't had it in over 2 months...
last time I made tacos, Crohn's attacked my hubs and
he has not wanted Mexican food since....meh.
And I did make the dessert I pinned off the Kraft website!
It wasn't a pretty as I hoped, and perfectionist type-A me
wanted to go to the grocery store and pick up something else
because I didn't love the way it looked coming out
and I knew it would be even uglier trying to get it out of the pan!
What "their picture looks like"

And what mine looked like 
 It tasted amazing! 
You must love vanilla pudding and coconut though!!
It was about $13 to make
and took about 20 minutes to assemble.
NO BAKING required!!
I should have toasted the coconut a bit more.
You really need to let the Cool Whip come to room temp 
along with the cream cheese otherwise the bottom layer won't 
spread evenly over the Nilla Wafer crust.  
You must be extremely careful with the layers, 
otherwise they'll stick/clump/move and not look good.
It was not fat free, but it was girls night!
Everyone loved it and I am glad I didn't buy
a prettier dessert...
even though it was a biotch to get out of the pan!
So, if you need an Easter dessert recipe, try this one!!
Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. This looks and sounds SO FUN!! Can I come next time? ;)
    This recipe sounds fantastic!!

  2. Looks awesome, I love Mexican nights with the girls!

  3. I love mexican food! My sis and I are going to our fave mex restaurant for lunch tomorrow and I can't wait! Your poor hubby, I can't imagine having to be so careful about what I eat. Your girls night sounds fun and I am loving the intellectual convos going on. I must know what a throuple is immed. That would be a perfect easter dessert but Jim hates coconut. I think yours looked delish, girl!

  4. I WANT to join girls night!!! Looks so fun and delicious. Your poor hubby though, :(. Hugs lady.

  5. I LOVE Mexican food! Everything looks delicious!

  6. Sounds like you ladies had a great night! The Mexican menu... yum! Your dessert sounds yummy too.

    And I can totally relate to being a perfectionist with things like that (baking, crafting, etc). If it doesn't come out like the picture then I'm never satisfied haha.

  7. These coconut cream things are seriously. dangerous. Good thing there wasn't that much leftover! The kids both tasted it by sticking their fingers in it, they didn't want any part of actually using a fork LOL. Also, after reading your dessert recipe, you can just toast coconut in a nonstick pan if you watch it closely. Easy peasy! xo

  8. I would love to hear Matty's description of a Throuple. Haha! It looks delish. I love coconut! There are actually food stylists out there who "groom" food for photographs so no worries if it doesn't look like the pic. And after a few margaritas, no one will even care! :)

  9. mexican is my favorite theme for girls night! looks like you had so much fun!

  10. That LOOKS AMAZING! I will totally have to try it! and I looove Mexican food too!


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