Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 5 Hair Products

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
I have been wanting to share my favorite hair products for awhile.
When I find something that works, I love to share!!
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Here are my tried and true
 {I must have or else I will freak out} 
Hair products: 
 1.  Biomega Shampoo
2. Biomega Conditioner
3. Biomega Behave Straightening 
[I buy mine at the salon, but you could check Amazon here!]
I wash my hair every other day {I used to wash it every day}
and I have noticed a wonderful difference.
 It's not as dry as it used to be
and seems a lot healthier because now I'm not
blow drying & straightening every day.
 4. John Frieda Volume--I got it at Rite Aid.
I bought this for the Ugly Disco to help make my hair big--
and boy did it help!!
I would not use it every day because it does leave your hair
a bit tough to deal with, but it boosts it right up!
My hair is so thick I don't usually use anything, but
spray this one when hair is towel dry, and then 
blow-dry upside down with a round brush.
I like to use it on nights when hubs and I
are going out and I want an extra 
 {With the volume spray & just blow dried}
I used this tool afterwards to help give it a little more umph
5. Teasing hair brush--It helps make more volume and I love this!
I have a billion other products but these 5 are definitely worth the money!!
What are your favorite hair products?


  1. I currently use the Suave Professional keratin infusion shampoo/conditioner & serum and it makes my hair all shiny and silky. :)

    Definitely have been looking for volumizer products. Looks like I'll be giving the John Freida a try.

  2. I definitely want to try the John Freida Root Booster now! I love me some volume but my hair is so thick I think it gets weighed down and so it always looks flat. I may look into that straightening cream too. Now if only I could purchase your hair haha it's so pretty!

  3. love the hair! and the reviews!
    thanks for sharing!

    happy tuesday!

  4. I'll have to try a teasing brush and back comb sometime. I'm an Aveda junkie & have been using their products for over 15 years. I travel with them and I have even stayed at Renaissance hotels because they stock their toiletries and I can bring less. They disco-ed a few products that I liked but I still use the madder root shampoo and occasionally the matching conditioner (for auburn hair) and a newer product called damage remedy. It's a leave in with quinoa protein. For styling, I use the phomolient & volumizing tonic with a round brush. If I want it really big, I'll use pure abundance volumizing powder and finish with air control hair spray.

  5. Love this, I wash mine every other too.


  6. I love the John Frieda volumizer! Thanks for the tip! Your hair is gorgeous! Seriously you should be a hair model!

  7. I am always down to try a good root boost! I'll have to check the John Frieda one out! :) I wish I had thick hair like yours- it's gorg! I have to wash mine everyday since it's soooo fine. It gets oily really quickly! Meh!! One advantage to having such fine hair though is that I only have to condition once or twice a week, and it stays super soft!

    My favorite hair products are Aveda's Style Prep Smoother, Aveda Control Force hairspray, and Aveda Phomollient (I work at an Aveda salon- shocker).

  8. ahh hello your blonde hair is so beautiful!! i want the length of your hair, super gorgeous girly

  9. I wash my hair every other day too--much more manageable that way. I don't use many hair products, but I swear by using the right tools. I love my enormous ceramic brush to blow out my hair.


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