Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Run-Down

Know what I love best about Sundays?
Not getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning
and making a 45 minute commute!
I love waking up with the husband,
making breakfast,
ironing his clothes,
and spending a short, but sweet amount of time
before his insane work week begins.
We made gourmet Sirloin burgers on the grill
(forgot to add the cheese, so there has to be a re-do!)
The workers have ripped out half of the old deck
and the old hot tub I've never even been in!
It's a beautiful sight...
We walked the doggies on a fun little trail near our house.
We are going to try and find a new park each week;
we shall see!
We picked up our custom framed
painting we bought in Rome, on our honeymoon
and hubs hung it
in the kitchen, where I can see it 
most often, each and every day!
I love the pinks and reds...
I love all of it actually.
He also hung our new curtains
{pardon the wrinkles, I need to iron!}
And we did get that new throw rug!!

We went and caught a 7:00 movie
The movie was just how I thought it'd be--
a great throwback to '99
the year I graduated too!!
It was stupid funny and had
my husband and I cracking up throughout the show.
It was just what we needed.
Hubs worked all day
The weather was pretty nice here,
so I spent about 2 hours raking and cleaning up the front gardens.
I am so sore!
Who knew working outside was such a workout!!
Now ladies, I do not have a green thumb...
I believe I inherited it from my mother!
[How are those moldy herbs? 
Did you try Maria's seed trick??]
However, I have grown to be much better as I
continue to play in the dirt. 
We still need to mulch and I cannot wait to
buy some puurddy flowers for some planters,
that will go on our new back deck!
I can hardly wait.
I had hubs pick up some pork chops
and he grilled them up for our dinner.
Apple Slather BBQ sauce = a party in my mouth.
After our delicious dinner, 
we watched a movie:
It was rather cute.
I didn't want to cry, but I did.
Joe did too.
Don't tell him I told you!
As always,  family day!!
We gave my in-laws a huge old picnic table
{for their awesome land, that I can't wait
til they have their big brick oven for wood fired pizzas!}
Grabbed breakfast bagel sandwiches and coffee
and took a little drive.
We stopped out at his Gram's house to say hello,
see everyone,
check on the Garage Sale
{I scored some more things for the bridal
shower I'm throwing my sis!!}
and enjoy some ol' fashioned pasta & meatballs.
So good.
We also looked around for some outdoor furniture,
but it is SO darn expensive!
Do we want a little 'hangout area' with a little couch
and table with chairs,
or an actual table to sit and eat.
OK, really I want both and a lounge chair,
but this deck is already costing a pretty penny!
So, any thoughts?
While we didn't find any furniture at Tarjay,
I did find some cute new jean shorts & some maxi dresses
{Thanks for the tip Amber!!}
Super comfy, cute, and it's the easiest outfit to put on. 
 Hubs is playing COD
and I'm ready for bed!


  1. Patio furniture is azy-cray expensive! I always check Tarjay's out because they usually have nice stuff. I am so glad you got a maxi dress! I love the one I got the other day! So comfy and cute for summer:) I can't wait to see your new deck! Why didn't you ever get in the hot tub??!! I would be all over that! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!

  3. What an amazing weekend!! Love the new purchases. I wanna see your new dresses!!

  4. Sounds like SUCH a great weekend! You are such a good wifey :) I agree about patio furniture. I really want a sit down hang out lounge area (we already have a patio table.) but the sets I've been looking at are soo expensive!

  5. That painting is gorgeous. SO you! Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. I feel your pain--we're saving for patio furniture for our balcony. We have a really pretty view of the pond, fountains, and trees, but no place to sit!

    I like your rug, very modern and pretty.

  7. Whew! What a busy weekend! :) I absolutely love the painting you bought in Rome on your honeymoon! What a special souvenir to have hanging in a place where you'll see it everyday! Soo sweet!


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