Saturday, July 21, 2012

16 Week Bumpdate!!

Effortless tank & shorts from Tar-jay.
Baby is the size of a turnip!
{had to google that one}
This week?
I was bad and just had to stop for Wendy's fries w/ cheese sauce.
Just once though.
I still love my sweets....darn fresh baked sugar cookies from Wegmans.
Miss anything?
I had a delicious Shirley Temple last night!
I must say, I had a GREAT week this week.
I'm rather itchy still, tummy/chest, but I was not a crazy person!
My sweet husband even said to me, 
"I read if your mood swings last longer than 2 weeks contact your DR."
I about died laughing.
Good thing it was only a week!
I get pretty tired and try to nap & I also can't sit or stand too long.
I have to move around otherwise it's just not comfortable.
I stocked up on more maternity tanks from Target.
I figured I'll wear them right through-probably even after I give birth!
They're great for hot weather & will be nice to layer with come fall/winter.
They're only $12.99 & super comfy.
I also bought my first pair of skinny jeans, and let me tell you, I felt Hott!!
Plus I curled my hair and wore eye liner.
Like whoa.
 Top: Target
Skinnies: by Hedi Klum for Motherhood Maternity
Necklace: Coach
Bracelet: Things Remembered {wedding gift from hubs}
Shoes: Candies
Next Appointment:
Tuesday August 14th for our 3D/4D Gender Scan!!
Best moment this week: 
We had our 4 month checkup and all is well!
Baby's heartbeat was 160 and I totally cried hearing it.
Music to my ears, as the Doc said...
While at the Motherhood Maternity store, I was looking at the body pillows and telling
my husband how everyone loves the Snoogle...
I went in to try on my skinnies and came out to get them and the lady said $97, 
if you spend over $100 you'll save $25.
I was so confused. How could my forty dollar jeans be $97???
Then I saw that she rang up the Snoogle and I turned to hubs, and he had a huge grin on his face.
He enjoyed seeing my confused whip-lashing head going back and forth trying to figure out how these
pants were ringing up so high!
Either way, I love him.
And our new bedtime buddy,
 I'm trying out a pre-natal yoga class today, will let you know how that goes! 
I've been trying to walk the dogs, even if just 15 mins a day.
I keep doing tricep push-ups, my arms need not be flabby!!
In other news...
Next week is my birthday, so I hope this good mood streak continues.
The weather cooled down a bit, high 60's/low 70's so that was nice...
but it's going back up to the 80's, so bring out the water guns again!
We have our deck party Sunday, so I have lots to prepare for.
Have a terrific weekend!


  1. Lookin good mama! Can't wait to hear the results of gender scan! (Praying for a sweet baby girl ;) )

  2. I love that Joe is doing research! Good hubby:) How sweet of him to surprise you with that pillow! I was not a fan of it while I was pregnant but everyone I know loved it! I was always so hot at night and the pillow just made me hotter! You look adorable and I love that you bought your first skinnies while you are pregnant! I hope you have a great birthday week and you will be getting a little something in the mail from me:) MUAH pretty girl!

  3. You look great!! I wish our weather was in the 80's, we are dealing with 105!!!

  4. What a sweet hubby to buy you the Snoogle!! And those jeans look WAYY hott on you ;) Good for you! You look great!!!

  5. Ah loved this post. Look at you hot mama! Love the skinnies and glad your hubby is spoiling ou and making you laugh!! Can't wait for the 14th!!! ek!!!


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