Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Blueberry Luncheon

 My friend Jill asked me to an orchard luncheon,
to celebrate my birthday.
I had no idea what to expect, but I must say,
 What's an 'Orchard Luncheon' 
you ask?
Well, there's this beautiful orchard, that's been in existence for 8 generations now.
They grow, bake, and sell amazing goodies!
We arrived a little early and were able to walk the gorgeous grounds.
 By 12:30 everyone began walking to the barn,
where we would enjoy our lunch.
 It was something out of a Better Homes & Garden Magazine.
The flower arrangements.
 The rustic decor;
look at the dried flowers hanging above,
the lanterns hanging off of a wooden ladder...
 Our table for two!

 Beautiful linen table cloth,
a jar lid as a coaster,
silver dining utensils,
and their orchard paper.
 I couldn't believe how many people there were!
Mostly women, a few men, and lots of positive energy.
 I felt like I was reading Anne of Green Gables
Or even an episode of Little House on the Prairie 
 We were served iced tea in mason jars.
 The theme of today's lunch?
A homemade dressing using Purple Basil Vinegar
Edible flowers
Some Turkish herb, I forget the name of.
It was delicious!
 Honey Oat bread {soft & warm}
Mini blueberry muffins with sugar sprinkled on top
and blueberry-raspberry preserves.
 The light was shining through a bit,
but this was us!!
 The main course was a freshly made tart-applesauce
Green & yellow squash simply sauteed in butter
Turkey--so juicy--with blueberry catsup.

 We were each given a little basket of blueberries to bring home.
Probably the best blueberries I've had all year.
 And of course, for dessert...
Blueberry Pie
 I think I got the first piece, as it looked a tad messy,
but tasted so yummy!
It was warm, sweet, and the fresh creme poured along side,
with fresh berries, & a sugar cookie heart...
I was beyond full and I think baby really liked it too!
I loved how the women who run this,
really took time to explain all of the hard work that goes into it.
I can appreciate a homemade jam much more, now that I know exactly how much
work goes into making one little batch!
They still do everything like we do in our kitchens;
one batch at a time,
baking with the freshest of ingredients,
and lots of love.
The fever of the season was truly transpired through their hard work,
dedication, and mostly through their delicious food.
It makes me appreciate life so much more after experiencing something like this.
I wish there were more opportunities to enjoy a home-cooked meal,
instead of running to and so's, or Apple Sneeze.
Not that there's anything wrong with typical chain restaurants,
but there's just so much more to life than a burger & fries.
I may be going backwards, but I really wish life were that simplistic...
a country road, fields upon fields, rows of peach trees, women in dresses...
Maybe it's the Jane Austen lover in me, but I really like it!
Thank you for such a wonderful day Jill!!
I know all the leading ladies in my life would just adore a luncheon like this.
They even have Christmas teas,
and get this..
Peter Rabbit Tea for little ones.
How precious?!
If you're ever in the Upstate New York Area,
I highly recommend checking out Hurd Orchards!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! That place looks magical and the food absolutely delicious (and lovely)! Sounds like such a fantastic experience!

  2. Oh wow! This sounds like so much fun! :) And all the food looks delicious. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. A Peter Rabbit Tea???!!!!! I love that! I almost did Jax's nursery in Peter Rabbit! Looks like you had so much fun! You deserve it!!

  4. I also need to know how you twisted your mane like that...

  5. looks like such a fabulous time! love the pictures. and all the food looks amazing!

  6. Sounds and LOOKS amazing!!! What a fun time :)


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