Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Years of Wedded Bliss

Happy Two years to my amazing husband!
Like every couple, we have our differences, but it's how we work through them,
recover and become stronger, that make us better each day.
Marriage is something that takes energy and work;
it doesn't just develop into something great over night.
Life is constantly changing, and how we handle changes and grow together
is what makes a marriage successful.
My favorite line from one of our wedding readings,
"Marriages don't fail, people fail."
You just can't stop being the best person you can be,
Even on my not so glamorous days, I know my husband will always be there for me.
As we enter into this new phase of our marriage, 
there is so much to think about and take in!
A baby on the way is something I dreamed of, for so long,
and now it's actually happening.
We couldn't be happier.
So, as I sit and reflect on how beautiful and absolutely perfect our special day was,
I can't help but think, it just keeps getting better each day.
Here are just a few of my favorite shots from our wedding day.
It's clear to see, we wanted a fun and light wedding.
 We love to have fun in life, and so a stuffy soiree was not an option for us.

 I was so excited to be a MRS!!

 My best friend.
Cheers to many more fabulous years to come.
Click HERE
to see more on our wedding day.
It's under my "Love Story" tab
and has a few more videos and details...
My biggest advice to any bride would be,
hire a videographer!!!
You won't regret it, and you'll watch your videos over and over.
As for how we'll celebrate?
I have a gigantic steak marinating for him to grill,
and maybe a little bike ride around town.
We'll keep it low key,
and maybe sip sparkling water out of our Vera Wang flutes.


  1. Such an inspiring post Jenn! Happy Anniversary! Hubby and I celebrate our 1 year in 2 weeks, I still don't know what to get him.. :(

  2. Happy anniversary! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! I loooooove all your pics!

  4. Happy anniversary to one of my fav couples!! Hugs. Have fun!!

  5. Beautiful wedding photos and a wonderful tribute to your marriage. Congratulations on two years!!

  6. congrats you two on 2 years!! wishing you many more years of love, happiness and laughter!!

  7. Happy happy two year anniversary!! You two had such a beautiful wedding, and I've always enjoyed reading about you and your husband's adventures together on your blog :)


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