Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week of July 4th Festivities

 The week of the fourth my mother & her boyfriend came up from Charleston, SC.
I prepped by getting my nails did a purdy firecracker red...
and tried to stay cool in this 80-90+ degree weather!
I cannot imagine being more than 3.5 months prego in this heat,
I feel for my other pregnant mamas out there!!
We tried to stay cool by playing with the water
on July 4th.
My niece learned how to spray a water gun!!
 She loved getting Uncle Joe!
 She's so cute.
 My mom's boyfriend Mark & his grandson,
 Adri & Aiden were very good friends!
They loved the organic grilled chicken wings & organic juice boxes
My prego pose
loving our new hangout spot!
 It was a relaxing day full of good times and lots of yummy food!
The next day we took the wee ones up to Niagara Falls.
Stopped for a Timmy Ho's doughnut of course...
{I snuck the pix from my driver's seat!}
 Walked through the aquarium and saw the cool sea lions!

 We had lunch at Hard Rock & looked over the falls.
And while I haven't gotten into much detail about my  mother's and my relationship,
I can say that we have worked through many of our differences and
I am very thankful that we can be a part of each others lives.
Life is short and full of lots of turbulence;
you can make the choice to forgive and move on
or you can wallow in your own self-pity and hurt.
I choose happiness above all else.
After my mom & Mark left, hubs finally had a whole weekend off.
What'd we do?
Took a long, long drive...
listening to country songs,
stopping to get drinks & snacks at gas stations,
and eating at a small town sub shop.

 We ended our hot day time date,
by walking on the beach and putting feet in the water.
It was a fabulous week and I am still recovering from all the festivities!
This prego hadn't done so much in a long time.
I am such a summer girl,
and so very happy to be spending it with people I love.


  1. ummm where did you get your firework shirt and PS you're looking GREAT!!!!!

  2. You look beautiful mama!! Looks like a relaxing week and I know you were happy to have Joe home all weekend! I am glad you and your mama are working it out:) Those babes are the cutest!!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great holiday celebration. Love your firecracker red nails. And your preggo pose is just too cute!

  4. The last pic is sooo cute, and I love your prego bump, Adorable.


  5. I am extremely thankful that you chose happiness! Thank you for making our vacation such an awesome experience. I love you very much Baby Girl!

  6. You are looking fab, Jen!!! I absolutely love your Fourth of July shirt :) Very fun! Sounds like you guys had all sorts of fun festivities!

  7. Just came across your blog and enjoying catching up! Yes, I am 8 months preggo in this heat.... it's not too much fun:) Going to read more!


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