Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is Ignorance Bliss?

At what lengths do you go to protect yourself and your family?
In today's face-paced world, it's easy to drive yourself crazy,
trying to stay away from everything that is bad for you.
My husband and I try our best to live a healthy life,
but it can be hard!
Since I found out I was pregnant, I have tried to stay calm and yet aware
of all the possible harmful things I could be doing.
Obvious ones that are easy to tackle are no drinking/smoking.
No sushi, not too much caffeine, no soft cheeses, hot dogs, deli meats, bla bla.
No tanning beds, no spray tans, Botox {hehe} or doing anything super crazy sports wise.
No worries.
But I am borderline ready to throw away my microwave, cell phone, and start fights with my neighbors over them spraying their yard using harsh chemicals and pesticides!!
Not to mention, I've stopped using my beloved Bath and Body Works Lotion,
and traded in for no parabens.
I am petrified of eating veggies and fruits without the ORGANIC label.
I only want Organic meats.
 My laptop never sits on my belly or my lap.
 Why do we continue to create things that may very well be harmful to us and our unborn child?
I draw the line some places, like I won't stop wearing deodorant.
However, last night when I helped a friend out with her Mary Kay,
I was a crazy person reading all of the ingredients checking for Parabens.
I didn't purchase the lip mask because it contained some.
I just know there is so much out of my control, but I feel as though if I know something,
 I cannot pretend that I don't.
Ignorance may be bliss,
but if you're aware, and choose to continue to do possible harmful things?
Is that stupidity?
So can I not eat fruit of it's not pesticide free?
Should I not order a Chai Latte with whole milk from the 'bux because it probably has hormones & antibiotics?
You still eat regular beef, chicken, pork etc?
Have you ever made grass fed burgers?
You can actually smell a difference when it's cooking.
Or an organic chicken breast; it's far more juicier than your cheap regular brand...
Oh, you think I'm overreacting?
Take an hour or so from your life, and watch:
I literally can drive myself insane.
And my friends, as the more I talk to them, 
the more they become aware and want to make better choices too.
Maybe my paranoia is getting a tad worse {thank you Maria, my MIL whom I adore!}
but so is my husband's so, it's not just me.
Don't even get me started on organic bedding for baby.
$1,000 for a mattress.
Cloth diapers vs regular?
Make my own wipes vs. regular?
Glass bottles vs. regular?
BPA free plastic toys only!!
Do I get the flu shot?
I have always been against it.
I really don't want it now that I'm pregnant.
How about all those vaccinations baby will need??
If I'm not supposed to eat large amounts of fish,
especially seafood like lobster because of high mercury content,
why and how is it ok to give a newborn baby such high doses of it in their vaccinations??
Is there really a link between that and autism?
I don't want to find out on my kid!!
What's a parent to do?
The lists go on and on and on...
I do feel strongly about wanting to get a house phone.
 Hubs and I have our Iphones, but it will be nice to get a phone that has its own number,
and I actually found out you can connect to your AT&T account and use your minutes.
I read you should not sleep near your cell.
You should not carry it on you in pockets.
Women who carry them in their bras, may be more likely to develop breast cancer.
So, as for now, I have not thrown away our 1980's microwave.
I just run outside or upstairs if I have to use it.
Am I the only one who feels a little nutty when it comes to all the new technology vs. 
all the way things used to be?
I love the internet.
I also love the simplicity of sitting outside, on a hot summer night, sans phones, Ipads, etc.
and having a long and loving conversation with my husband.
All of these new conveniences may help us do more in a day,
but at what price are we paying?
We just may not know for a few more years.
Ok, I'm off my soapbox for now.
How do you deal with these ideas?
I'm curious what people believe.
Phew. I'm ready to go for a walk.
Can I bring my Iphone or should I leave it here..
It never ends.


  1. You are so right. There is a never ending list of things that could/are harming us. I understand where you are coming from and I get what you are saying! It seems impossible to try and cut all these bad things out though bc the best products are $$$$$. I think some of the best changes that can be made are to drink filtered water, shower with filtered water, use paraben free products, and eat organic meats. Those things alone cut out so much bad stuff.

  2. Oy. This stuff is completely OVERWHELMING! I have seen Food, Inc. and I feel pretty much aware and I do what I can, but at the same time, I cannot afford to go completely organic! I buy what I can at farmer's markets and I know it's getting better. I haven't even touched the topic of going paraben free in my products. I used natural deodorant once and hated it.
    I figure for now... I do what I can and try not to worry too much. From your perspective, I can see how you would worry. A mother's instinct to protect her child is, I'm sure, taking over!

    As for the vaccinations we have this discussion in my special ed classes quite a bit... I honestly think they're blown out of proportion. I think you can ask for separate viles and they have less mercury, but I know that is hard to get. Overall, the protection those vaccinations offer is probably worth it over the risks from the mercury.

  3. i know you know what is best for your baby, let those maternal instincts kick in! and do what you think is best for your baby and take some of the advice as you see necessary but don't feel overwhelmed with all the information you read out that. half of those studies are reversed years later. my advice is you do what you think is best for your baby

  4. I love your post because you cover what most people don't even realize -- which is only the tip of the iceberg, really! In your post you said, "if you're aware, and choose to continue to do possible harmful things....." that's my whole deal - I can't unlearn this knowledge and choose to control what I can. There are so many things we can't control, so the things that we can -- we absolutely should! It takes effort, time, and energy though -- so most people need a catalyst to get to that mindset. For me, it took my Dad being diagnosed with Cancer. For you, perhaps it was learning you are pregnant..

  5. You make some great points here. I admit that I do not consider most of these things at all and in fact was not even aware of some of the risks you stated. I'm sure as a mother-to-be you are much more conscious about such issues and I certainly do not blame you. I'm sure I will be just as worrisome when I am in your shoes. Great post!

  6. I am a lover of meat, but after I watched "Food, Inc," even I couldn't stand to be near it for weeks!! SUCH an eye-opening documentary and absolutely terrifying/disturbing.

    I think ignorance may be bliss in this case (at least for me). I try to make healthy and natural food decisions when I can, but I don't get too worked up when I eat a Lean Cuisine or add a Sweet n Low to my coffee.

    I cannot imagine though thinking about your own health in addition to your sweet baby's! So much responsibility... I completely understand why you're so overwhelmed with it all!!!


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