Monday, July 23, 2012

Deck Party

I had SUCH a great weekend!
Saturday I attended a pre-natal yoga class at a local holistic fertility center.
I absolutely loved it!
There were 6 other pregnant women and a wonderful instructor.
Each week she wants to have sort of a theme,
and this time it was "letting go".
It was right up my alley!
I tend to hold onto things and worry--and it's something I've been working on.
I refuse to be a stress ball while carrying a baby,
so I think I've been doing pretty well!
It felt so good to move and breathe through all of the poses.
The last few minutes you get to create a "nest" and go into a deep relaxation.
I then spent the rest of the day running around preparing for our deck party!
Since we finished our deck {read here about it}
We got 120 wings for Joe to grill.
4 pounds of sirloin steak--ground.
To top the burgers:
2 lbs of applewood smoked bacon
Gruyere Cheese
I cleaned yesterday and tried to keep cool and casual:
Hey there belly, you just keep getting bigger!
We had about 17 people here and it was so fun.
Little did I know, my sneaky husband decided to turn it into a mini birthday party for me.
I went upstairs to use the bathroom and was called down to everyone circled in the kitchen...
And as soon as I walked in, one of my friend's twins, Aaron said,
"Happy Birthday!"
It was priceless.
A few seconds later my husband came from the garage with a homemade ice cream cake.
My step-mom makes them for each of our birthdays--
My favorite combo:
Butterfingers & coffee ice cream.
 {There's still some in my freezer, I may need some soon!}
Clearly I was caught off guard,
look at those hands on my hips.
 Usually I'm in control of everything.
I am the one in charge!
Not always I guess.
It was very sweet of my family and friends to surprise me!
In addition to the cake,
my MIL also brought cream puffs from a delicious bakery,
lemon ice,
and we had Alison's Key Lime pie
& an eclair cake I made...not knowing about all this!
A few of the sweet gifts I received were...
From my sister!
I'm totally making these for dinner.
 My mother in law Maria made me some adorable aprons!
 Maria and Alison had similar ideas..
Clearly when we made jam,
I did not have the right equipment!
So I am proud to say, I know have
enough measuring cups, spoons, pots & canning supplies!
From my dad and step-mom,
a zester & 
a beautiful maxi dress
I am hoping I can wear it on my actual birthday or even tomorrow night...
as hubs has another surprise up his sleeve!
I've got my feet up and am taking it somewhat easy today...
I want to have plenty of energy for tomorrow night!
I'm very thankful for such a great family, sweet friends, and such an amazing husband.


  1. How sweet!!! Looks like a fabulous weekend :) You are truly loved by so many!!

  2. So fun! What a great surprise! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

  3. What a fantastic birthday surprise! Love your new maxi dress!

  4. EEEEEEK!!!!! I love that maxi dress and you are so freaking adorable!! There is nothing better than a growing baby belly:) Joe is so sweet to have all that planned for you. What great gifts you got!! Happy Birthday Week!!!

  5. Ah I love that you were surprised and spoiled!! Looks like a great weekend. That yoga sounds awesome!

    1. How sweet! I love surprises like this! Happy belated birthday!!! :)

  6. How sweet! You look great! I want some of that ice cream cake, think it would make it here if you mailed some? :-)


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