Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Big Day

Today is a BIG day!
I'd say the big day, but that is not until January.
We have our 20 week ultrasound appointment 
and get to find out the gender of our sweet, growing baby.
{as long as he or she cooperates!}
Here's a shot of the last 4 weeks of le belly:
Don't you love how Holly photobombs me at the mirror?
We decided to have an impromtu reveal party-like gathering tonight.
{So yes, that means we won't be telling people until after dinner!}
We're meeting our families at PF Changs.
It's kind of a meaningful place, in that back in 2008,
on a cold winter night, 
I brought Joe there to meet my dad, step-mom, & step-brother.
At that time, I would have never thought just a few years later,
we'd be telling them their grandson or daughter was on the way!!
I have such a cute little idea on how we'll share our news!
I'm only hoping my husband can keep his mouth closed as he goes back to work.
I know he's super excited, but I want to tell our parents first!
I didn't get to really make a big deal about us being pregnant,
since it was my sister's wedding and all, I didn't want to take away from her festivities/excitement.
So, now it's time to gear up and let the fun begin!!
I will say that I have had two dreams early on in first trimester.
Both involved girls.
One actually had twin girls.
Clearly we know there's only one bean in there,
but I must say I have always thought there's a baby boy in my belly.
Even though most 'wives tale signs' point to girl.
What I've been told:
heart rate high: baby's is in 160's
craving sweets
face is getting fuller
carrying high
blowing up all over, not just my belly
more watermelon than basketball 
less than perfect skin--is she stealing my beauty??
Cousin Mary did necklace over belly & it came out boy
hair is shiny and full, not dull and limp
 craving sour candies
hair on legs grows faster than normal
 These are all in fun, but we finally find out today!!
Cast your final votes!!
google images
Check back tomorrow for our big reveal.
Happy Tuesday!!


  1. How cute! I love hearing how everyone has been revealing the gender lately! I always envisioned how I would do it and now making a big splash out of it has become the norm. haha Have fun...I'll be checking back tomorrow!

  2. SO exciting! Have the best time. Can't wait for your news!

  3. Sooooo exciting!! I think girl! :)


  4. Now I am even more confused after looking at your indicators!! BUT you said you have always felt like it is a boy and mama's intuition is usually right. When I was pregnant with Aubree I knew from day one she was a girl and I never wavered!! Sometimes you gotta trust your instincts!! I am so excited for you guys!! No matter what the sex, this baby is going to be drop dead gorgeous! MUAH!!! I will be thinking of you all day!!

  5. Those wives' tales are too funny. This is such an exciting time for you, and I love reading about your progress. Have fun today! Can't wait to hear the news. :)

  6. I vote girl! You look so adorable in your bump photos! Have a wonderful time today, what a happy day :)

  7. I say girl!!! Have fun!! ;) can't wait to hear!!

  8. its a boy! no girl? no boy?? ahh i can't decide so i can just gonna say a healthy baby :-)

  9. How exciting! I bet you can't wait! I love all your pictures and the fact that the puppy is right at your feet in a couple! :)

    Good Luck!


  10. i'm excited! i think girl!!!

  11. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ahhh I cannot wait for the reveal! I'll be checking back later!!


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