Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just Fishin'

What a beautiful day!
It's only 52 and I loooove it!
I just had some hot tea,
folded some laundry,
and am getting ready for my yoga class
I have lots of ambition to finish switching the guest room over,
as we finally picked our baby's furniture out!
We went to Buy Buy Baby and were able to use 20% off coupons,
and they had the matching changer/dresser we loved as a floor model = extra discount!
There was literally one scratch and it's white furniture so I am sure there will be plenty more 
as baby girl grows.
We were very excited!!
I also think I narrowed down to a stroller I want,
I spent hours last night researching joggers vs travel systems...
I feel like all is coming into place!!
On Monday I will share her name, as already picked that too.
For now, I'll leave with you my current song obsession
{that may make me tear up and make my husband go 'awww'}
I know Joe is going to be an amazing daddy.
I also know how important it is to have a great father role model as a little girl.
My dad did tons of fun things with me growing up and it meant so much to spend time
with him. He worked 6 days a week but never missed a single dance recital, basketball game,
chorus, piano, or band concert. 
Although I never really went fishin' with my dad,
 just running errands with him and talking about life is
what helped keep me on the straight and narrow.
Happy Saturday!!


  1. i love this song!!!

  2. 52! OMG!! That is winter weather for us! Wow! I am jealous! I love hat song, it is so sweet. Enjoy your day!


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