Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love Life

Thank you for all the of the congratulations!!
We are beyond thrilled and I don't even know where to start!
I'm currently searching for the perfect bedding...
I'd like to find something girlie and organic,
but I don't want to overload on pink, if you get my drift!
I am looking forward to spending some time with Joe tomorrow,
as it's his day off!
Maybe we can do a little baby shopping!!!
I also want to watch The Hunger Games this weekend.
He's been working his tail off;
his assistant is still out on leave and the poor thing barely has time to go to the bathroom!
I know he loves working hard and making money,
and I think lil baby girl has given him even more of a reason to knock it out of the ball park!
The dealership is so busy; it must be that time of year for car/truck shopping!
I thank God every day for giving us this beautiful life we lead.
I am so thankful to be by my man's side and be the wife he always wanted.
**Yesterday morning I saw & felt baby girl movin!!**
After working a 12 hour day, 
and not even coming home for lunch
{I had to bring it up, he nibbled on it, took an hour to eat in between customers}
baby girl really started movin around...
I wonder if it's because she heard daddy's voice?!
It was so nice to curl up and have his hand on my belly,
and have him talk to her.
I'm so in love with our family and couldn't be happier.
As for today?
I'm off to make some Peach jam;
I just LOVE opening my pantry cupboard in the basement and seeing 
my growing collection of homemade jams!!
What better thing to have when it's winter and I won't want to run to the store for some.
Make the most of your day,
and most importantly,
Love life & it truly will love you back.
Thanks again for all the well wishes and 
welcome new readers!!


  1. You and your family are just the sweetest!! I can't imagine how much love you must be feeling for your growing family! Hope you get to do some fun shopping tomorrow!! :)

  2. I love homemade jam I'd love to have your recipes!!! How exciting she moved!!!!

  3. What a sweet post!! Love that you are so happy!!

  4. She moved!! That is the best feeling!! Enjoy your time with your hard working man!


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