Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's Cookin This Week

I definitely do a lot better when I write my meal plans down!
I find it hard to stick with a Sun-Sat plan,
but if I have a list of meal ideas to choose from,
grocery shop for, and offer my hardworking husband,
Life Is Much Easier!!
Where do I get my food ideas?
I pull from every place I can think of!
  • Have the Food Network or Cooking Channel on TV a lot; you'll be amazed at how many ideas you can get just listening to those pros! I then google their recipe {easily found} and re-create. 
  • Subscribe to at least one food magazine {currently, I get Food Network but you could get Cooking Light, Kraft, Taste of Home, Glamour--OK, so that's more fashion not food, but believe it or not, the recipes in the back are pretty tasty!}
  • Cook books: I have a lot....from Giada, Rachel Ray, Julia Childs, Williams Sonoma & even Teresa Guidice from RHONJ
  • Ask friends what they're having for dinner & share ideas! It's easy to forget about simple recipes that we don't always make, but bringing up food in conversations with friends always helps! I can't tell you how many times my friends and I text each other, "What's for dinner?!"
  • Beg for family recipes! I am not above this. My husband's Italian family are all amazing cooks. I am so lucky that they share their delicious recipes with me!  I think it's silly to keep secret recipes anyway; if it's a great dish, why not share the joy?!
  • Monthly Gatherings like GIRLS' NIGHT!! Once a month my 3 friends and I get together. We each take turn hosting, and whomever is hosting provides the main meal.  The rest of us rotate with appetizer, salad, & dessert. Great way to try out new recipes & get ideas!! {Some posts here}
  • Facebook pages: whether they are blogs or company pages, you just may get an idea brewing from something you see while scrolling your news feed! "Like" your favorite products and come up with new ways to incorporate them in the kitchen.
  • Instagram--I think we mostly post pics of our food on there and how great is it when someone share's what it is that they made?
  • Pinterest--I must admit I haven't had wonderful luck with it. It looks great, but the meals usually come out, 'just ok' compared to when I pull from other resources. I have a feeling it's because there aren't 'reviews' and I love reading how people change things up! Great site:{}
So, for this week, here's what I'm hoping to cook up:
Tonight {Sunday night} Manicotti--recipe is on the back of Barilla box. For realz.
[click on links below for recipes]
Company Shrimp & Mushroom Pasta {Saw this on Paula Deen this am!}
Chicken cransters [what my husband calls them; simply panko chicken fingers!] 

I'm sure there will be some PB& homemade peach jam thrown in there too...
as well as fresh veggies, fruits, and lots of salads.
What will you be cooking this week?


  1. I bet Joe loves coming home to you!! How great that you plan it out! I just subscribed to Cooking Light and I cant wait to get the first issue!! All Recipes is a great resource! A fritatta at the end of the week, using all your leftover veggies and meat would be right up your alley! I love doing that! I am going to try some of these recipes you posted.

  2. I love Pinterest for Recipes, I also use the BIG OVEN app on my Ipad A LOT!! I find cooking meals a bit less stressful (and slightly more fun) when you mix in new things and make lists and actually plan them out. I have to do that because of my sons football practices, the slow cooker is my best friend!

  3. Gosh! I am always so impressed when I read your meals for the week!! I think making myself a turkey sandwich on toast is getting crazy compared to all of the Progresso soups and Lean Cuisines I eat!

  4. Great tips! You do such a good job with your meal planning. Something I definitely need to work on.

  5. Oh that manicotti looks amazing!

    I'm just gonna start coming to your place for dinner. ;)


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