Friday, August 10, 2012

Coupon Update: Useful Savings Tips

Yesterday I decided to try doing a little grocery shopping at Target.
We just got all fancified with the newly updated produce & freezer section at our local store.
I also love that it seems to a tad quieter than my local grocery store,
and the aisles are big enough where you never feel like you're really in the way.
I also tried out something new;
I brought my coupon binder with me into the store.
I usually try to make a list and figure it out ahead of time,
but then I don't exactly know which deals are best and if I don't have all my coupons,
I could be missing out on a crazy good deal!
So since it's just me and my bump, I threw my binder in the kid holder. :)
I still need to share how my coupons are organized, but really it's what works best for you.
I looked at when my coupons expired and I perused the aisles in search of decent deals.
I won't go purchase by purchase, but it did take a little time reading the fine print
and making sure I was getting the right amount of each product, and the correct coupon.
I stopped in the laundry soaps section.
Here's one example of how to be a smarter shopper:
Each thing of Downy was on sale for $8.00 a piece
On top of that, if you buy 2 at a time, you receive a $5 Target gift card to use next purchase.
I also had two $2.00 off of 2 coupons I clipped from the paper.
So all in all, I spent $18 on 4 when without any of these deals, I could have paid up to $36.
Not bad!
It does take time to think about what you are buying because I orginally was just going to get these guys, 
which I absolutely love:
 But they are $6.99 a piece, don't last as long, and there were no $5 gift card rewards.
So I decided it was want and not a need.
My overall spending was $92 
and I saved almost $43
I didn't have a coupon for every item, 
like the 3 bins I bought for storage, but they were on sale for $6.99 
I'd like to think I'm getting better as I continue through this coupon journey!
How to Save at Target:
Get your local Sunday paper and read the ads
Clip coupons from Sunday paper for both Target & the brand names booklets
Check to see what you have to buy in order to get money back ie. Gift Cards
My other stop of the day was Bath and Body Works
We were running low on soap, and the husband really only likes foam soap.
I know it can be a treat to use B&BW, but I figured I'd check and see maybe they'd be having a soap sale.
Heck yea they are!
So right there, that's a great deal.
On top of that I a 20% off coupon from the mail
and a free mini to-go coupon
So now I have 7 new soaps with fall scents {yay!}
and a travel size shower gel I packed away in my bag I take on overnights.
I spent $17.28
Don't you just love that!!??
Don't get me wrong, it took every ounce of my being to not
purchase the Leaves candle for $19.95
But I know that I will get more coupons,
and there will be more sales,
and I will have that candle.
Couponing takes a TON of time.
However, it also saves quite a bit of money.
Just start small with a little organizer to carry in your purse.
Sign up for company emails, like facebook pages, local grocery store coupons.
They are every where if you just take a minute to do some research.
It also opens your eyes to newer products you didn't know you'd like.
A lot of companies give away freebies so you try it, like it, and buy more {with coupons!}
Be sure to have a safe place to keep coupons until you're ready to sort through them.
Whether it's a folder, a box, a shelf, whatever, just take some time while watching TV
to look through and see how you may be able to save a few dollars. 
With baby on the way, I am becoming more mindful where are money is going.
I decided to start documenting/sharing simple tips that I am implementing.
Since going from two to three is going to cost a pretty penny, 
I figured it's time to start being even smarter.
Ways We saved $$ this week:
  • Clipped coupons for a good hour Sunday morning
  • Went to a matinee instead of an evening movie
  • Used buy one get one free coupon for pretzels at the mall
  • Used my Discover card rewards ($20 turns into $25 gift card at Bed  Bath & Beyond)
  • Bed Bath & Beyond coupons NEVER expire--used two $5 off coupons and a $20 on all 3 items purchased
  • I filled out a rebate from Tire Rack when Joe had to get new tires, received a $75 gift card--used that on groceries and spent only $16 of our own money.
  • Paid my Kohls charge in person--saved a stamp, while out running errands.
  • Used coupons at Target, Wegmans, & Bath & Body works
  • Returned our bottles and cans and saved more on our grocery bill
  • Sold an old purse on e-bay
  • Sold a book on Amazon
  • Sold two books on instagram
  • Had leftovers for dinner one night
  • Got low lights in my hair--reduce the amount of salon visits per year
  • Stopped getting manicures every two weeks {Dear God, how was I spending that much a month!?}
  • Going through the cupboards/veggies to use up things that may go bad soon!
  • Make Iced Chai Lattes at  home: Total cost $8/8 lattes & extra milk for the week vs. $5/1 at the 'bux
  • Determined what I really needed vs wanted
 Remember to have money, means to be smart with money.
It's so easy to just spend, but to really be aware how where it's going, can be eye opening.
I can also tell you in my quest for organizing and de-cluttering, 
I don't need any more stuff.
Have a great Friday!! 


  1. Dang girl! Good job!! I am off to B&BW soon to use my coupons and stock up on that soap!!

  2. Man. You are blowing me away!! I sooo need to get good at this!!

  3. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the little tips at the bottom. Every penny really does add up. PS IM SUPER JEALOUS THEY ALLOW YOU TO RETURN CANS/BOTTLES! If only Texas would do that :/


  4. I enjoyed reading about your money saving! I try to do that, but I am no where close to where you are! I just got the Leaves candle this week too, it smells so good!!

  5. I wish I could coupon! It's not easy on base... and if you do figure it out, they don't actually give you a discount... just a giftcard. So weird.

  6. Now this is impressive!!! I am SO lazy... I literally just go to Trader Joe's and throw things into my cart that sound delicious. I am a peasant in the world of Couponing!

  7. so cool! i love stuff like this. i feel it will be even more important when i go on maternity leave soon and we dont have our full income!


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