Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gender Reveal

Thanks for all of the love ladies!!
We had one of the best days of our lives yesterday.
I woke up teasing my husband with 'It's a girl' texts
and playing daughter-like songs on the iphone.
He loves Jay-Z and so I was playing Glory {about his baby girl}

I got ready as if we were going on a date.
Curled my hair.
Did my makeup.
I felt so pretty!
 Hubs came home from work,
and off we went to see our baby boy or baby girl.
We always take pictures at the Dr's office...
 The ultrasound went well and all looked good,
from what the tech could see.
**A Jay-Z song played while in the office,
we both looked at each other as if it were a sign**
She said she knew the sex of our baby for about 10 minutes before she told us.
She kept asking, do you know what it is?
I'm like, no lady I have no idea what part of baby I'm even looking at!!
Finally she pointed the baby's bum,
and lo and behold, 
baby is a girl.
Unfortunately the little diva would not cooperate for her profile shots,
so we only walked away with this photo!
She is looking down and the tech didn't get all that she needed to.
So, we have to go back in two more weeks.
We get another ultrasound and then we'll get better pictures & a DVD!
Baby girl yawned during it, as if we were boring her.
It was so cute.
She also kept turning away every time the tech tried to get a good angle of her.
She's already a little handful!
We were both a little shocked, since my husband always seems
to manifest what he wants, I thought for sure this baby would be a boy.
However, I guess my dreams {and wives tales} were right on!
As were most of you my lovely readers!
So while it seems to be the season of boys,
Our little girl will be making her debut January 2013.
I came home and finished my cake-pops/cake balls.
I didn't change the recipe, and the sticks did not stick,
so I'll have to try those again.
 Luckily I had pink candy wrappers in the cupboard haha.
I finished working on my Gender Reveal Activity:
The poem says:
Boy or Girl  
What will baby be?
You have one guess,
Then we’ll count to three.
Whether Mohawks or pigtails,
Football or ballet,
This baby is lucky
To be loved,
In so many ways.
Write your guess here:

They each wrote their guess.
 I think I'll always be a little teacher at heart.
Then I tallied up the responses...
My brother-in-law & our waitress guessed girl.
Everyone else said boy.
 Each pink cake ball was wrapped up in yellow tissue.
We passed one out to everyone at the table.
Counted to three and they opened them up at the same time...

 Proud parents-to-be!!
It was so fun and everyone was so happy.
Before dinner hubs and I made our first baby girl purchase...
Pottery Barn Kids

 It's a super soft changing pad cover...
And a growing family shot outside of PF Changs
And another cute girlie song, when I told my bloggy bestie Amber
I was pregnant, she said this song was playing...
 So here we go...
We are having a beautiful baby girl!!!
Let the fun truly begin.
I love her more than words can say, 
and I cannot stop tearing up at how amazing this all is.


  1. your hair is gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    and i knew it! yay!

  2. Yayyy! How fun! :) I love the personal gender reveal you did with family!! Congrats on the little sweet girl!!!!

  3. wow your hair is gorgeous! and most important yay girl!! didn't i say girl in my prediction on monday? i was right!! yippeee!!!

  4. Congrats!! I knew it!! :) So precious!

  5. How fitting actually? You are gonna love being a mommy. So excited.

  6. YAY!!! i knew it!!!! congrats sweet girl!!! i'm so excited! and my birthday is in Jan too!!

  7. I loved your gender reveal! how fun! cant wait to see all the cute baby girl goodies you can buy up now :)

  8. I am playing the song and crying AGAIN! And I just did my makeup!! Damn you you beautiful woman!! You are glowing and so gorgeous!! You must be the prettiest pregnant woman I have ever seen. I am so thrilled for you and Joe. He will have many sleepless nights worrying over your daughter because she is going to be a knockout!! Jim bought Aubree's first pink gift, he bought her the softest pink blanket and she sleeps with it now:) Love you girl!! I wish we lived closer so I could hold that baby girl when she gets here!! MUAH!!

  9. Yay!!! So exciting!! ;) you looked stunning!! Your hair is beautiful. Glad it was such a great day!!

  10. What a dream come true!! So happy for you :) All my wivestales said girl too, but low and behold its definitely a boy in my tummy. Since mine will be 2 weeks older, they can date, how bout that ;-)

    You did such a good job doing the whole reveal! So fun!

    PS I've never read your blog before, just instagram! I'm misskatieh ;)

  11. Awwww, yay!!! Congrats momma! I'm so excited for you!!! Your gender reveal was so cute, I love it!

  12. SO EXCITING!!!!! Congrats Girls are A LOT of fun!

  13. Congrats!!! Girls have waay better clothing options anyways!!! I hope you have fun shopping for HER!!! P.s you look great!!

  14. Congratulations!! I have been so off the map with blogs lately and don't even know what's going on with anyone anymore! So happy for you :)

  15. Congratulations! I have been so off the map with blogs lately and don't know what's going on with anybody anymore! So happy for you :)

  16. YAYAY!!! Congratulations!! SOO exciting!

  17. Congratulations!

    My US tech suggested drinking orange juice or apple juice about 30 minutes before a ultrasound... Gets the baby up and hyper and moving around for pictures!
    :) good luck the rest of your pregnancy. You look incredible!

  18. Yay, let the shopping begin!! So happy for you guys! How have you been?

  19. YAY I was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy little girl to you!!!


  20. Congratulations!!!! That is SO SO exciting!!!! : ) I'm so happy for y'all!! What a blessed baby girl!

  21. congrats, lady!! SO exciting!!!

  22. Congratulations on your precious little on! I'm a new follower and I love your site!! xoxo.

  23. Congratulations! So happy for y'all!

  24. ohh, such an exciting time!! such a cute way to reveal also.

  25. Ahhhhhh, CONGRATS!!! That little princess is going to be one lucky girl!

    You look absolutely stunning! Love your hair curled and're just adorable! :)

  26. JENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! :) :) :)

    Oh my gosh! I teared up just reading this post! I am so happy for you and your husband! <3

    Now you MUST go get Pride and Prejudice for babies. She needs to know the love story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy ASAP :)


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