Saturday, November 19, 2011

Honeymoon, Part II: Paris

After an amazing time in Amsterdam, we hopped on a train and headed to the city of love, Paris.
The song that reminds us of Paris was:

They played it in all the cool stores!!
Took a cab from the train to our hotel..
And our hotel here was ah-mazing!
It felt so luxurious after our Amsterdam stay
Our room!
view from hotel room
We checked in and headed right out to the popular attractions:

Just admiring the streets of Paris...

You just have to check out the Champs Elysees
Love, love, loved all of the outdoor cafes. 
This one overlooks Louis Vuitton across the street,
 Yes, we ate frog legs!
 and enjoyed fancy strawberry champagne drinks!
 well, Joe sipped a strawberry moijito...he loves them!
and more sights...

French streets

We figured out their "metro"~so very exciting!

stopped in a super cute artsy bar

to have a glass of wine <3

c'est tres magnifique!

And we took the romantic stroll from here down to....
We enjoyed ice cream, cute shops, & tons of people watching!
 We tried a local lamb chop...
 and strolled around town

 J'adore the old buildings!
 Of course, Notre Dame

Just a cool view outside of our hotel

Both the jumbo shrimp & crispy/soggy poulet were good
Joe's French speaking attempts: Sacre bleu!

  •  I went to France my senior year of HS & always dreamed of going back. I was so happy to show Joe some of the fantastic things that you can find here!
  • With all of the wedding planning & full time working, I ran out of time to really research for Paris. We really wanted to go to Versailles, but the day we were going to go, was Monday.  Monday, they are closed. I know Joe would have loved it more than anything, so we'll just have to return one day!
  • Food, really wasn't that great. 
  • Again, the service is not that of US. As long as you realize that, you're good!
  • Croissants, cafe au laits, wine, pain au chocolats are a must!!
  • via
  • Our hotel was gorgeous and in a great part of town. Very modern
  • I loved just aimlessly walking and finding fun shops like MANGO
  • Some super cute boutiques had little dresses, leggings, jewelry & of course some jolie undergarments!
  • And:
  • Ralph Lauren Paris

    I'd love to go back again. Maybe with our future kids some day.  The stay was a bit on the short side, but we still had one more city, little did we know that would be both of our favorites:
    Roma, Italia.

    Ciao bellas!! xox
PS I'm thankful for my hubby spending his whole day with me and not in a tree stand today! :)

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  1. LOVE the pics! Paris is definitely one of my FAVORITES!! you're right... Cafe au lait is def. a must!! I love it.


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