Sunday, November 20, 2011

Honeymoon, Part III: Roma, Italia

Those of you who have been re-living our vacations with us, thanks for reading! Anyone just joining, my husband and I usually go away for our vacations, but this time we chose to stay home for a week, you know the whole, "staycation" idea. I figured it'd be fun to write a post reflecting on our trips. I  hope that you enjoyed our memories.  If you have any questions on any places I've mentioned, as always, feel free to ask!
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I'll end with this song, which really encompasses our whole honeymoon. 
{It was The Official World Cup song!}

The third leg of our honeymoon was Rome, Italy.
 Unfortunately, Air France was on a strike.
Fortunately, it was happening AFTER we departed from France & were on our way to Rome. {Phew}
Our room:
Note the shades--it gets SO hot, you have to keep those closed to keep it semi cool in the room!
 We loved the 'old feel' to this traditional hotel.
We were pretty  hungry and were less than impressed with some of the French cuisines, we were ready for some good old fashion Italian cooking!

We walked from dinner as the sun set, and it was still scorching hot!
There are tons of vendors lining the streets.
We found a fun painting and took our picture with the artiste {who's from France}
We just had so much fun walking around exploring..

This costs money!
But it was silly and fun.
Every morning we ended up a few doors down at this fun little coffee bar
We walked around a bit and chose this quaint little restaurant.
It was so good, we ate here twice!
We did some shopping and touring...
Spanish Steps!
{bliss is my maiden name!}

We then did the stereotypical cheesy, romantic, "honeymoon-like" thing to do:
And I loved every stinkin part about it!!
Yes, it was a tad overpriced
{but they horses seemed well taken care of and it was our honeymoon!}
We had so much fun exploring together.
 The food was out of this world! After 'wedding dieting' I made sure to enjoy every bite of carbo bite!

 A seafood scrumptious!! I wish I knew it what exactly!
And we did not go to The Vatican, but we did get to:
 The Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

 It was SO hot, I used it as protection from the sun
{coming from me, miss sun goddess!}
 I'm sorry for picture overload, but how do you share one picture of The Colosseum?
 I loved that you could listen to the tour on headphones,
but didn't have to be all sardined up in a group!

 We hope to return one day to a...
 We are still giddy about being married, but that rush in the weeks following your big "I DO'S"...
there is no feeling I can compare, yet.
I hear having a baby may be the only thing to top that!
  • If you cannot tell, this was our favorite city by far!!
  • Know the difference: With gas/without. Aka, sparkling or still water.  One too many times we ended up with "gas" water, and it just doesn't quench that thirst like regular water! I love me some Pellegrino, but when a sister is parched, she needs straight-up no gas water!
  • Have a back up plan for travel  problems {we were lucky the strike didn't harm our flight to Rome, but what if it had? What would we have done then?}
  • Be sure to drink lots and lots of water! The 100 degree weather in Las Vegas is totally different than Rome.  I almost got a little overheated the first day.  Granted, I had a glass of red wine with my lunch, but it was easy to get dehydrated.  Listen to your body!
  • The food, the people, the history, the culture, the streets, the shops, the food--all made Rome BOTH of our favorites. Which is funny because I picked France, he picked Amsterdam, and we both were looking forward to Rome...but had NO idea how much in love we would fall with this city.
  • Yes, the tourist areas can be real pricey, but we always end up off the beaten path.  Eating where locals eat tend to keep prices down, and flavor up {we have noticed!}
  • The advice Joe's grandpa gave, was when on vacation ALWAYS buy what you really want, as you never know when you'll go back again.  It's true though.  If you fall in love with a pair of earrings, an expensive red leather purse, or super cute trendy Euro dresses, get them!! It makes wearing them and telling people where you got them from, so much fun!!  =) 
  • Most people spoke English, so we didn't have much trouble {and they though Joe was really Italian, like, gave us an Italian menu, not English!}
  • Just explore.  We walked down into the square by The Pantheon and there was a man belting out beautiful Italian opera songs.  We bought the cd. We inhaled our gelato, as it quickly melted down our cups and hands because of the heat.  We kissed. We honeymooned. Thank you Joseph, for making me the luckiest woman in the world, your bride.  **I'm thankful for that experience!**
  • I'll never forget our European honeymoon: 7.11-24.10
We will most definitely be back to Italy, someday!! 
Ciao! xoxo

PS. We had one more vacation this past April. We had a blast. I'm going to save that one, for a nice -27 degree day here in good old western New York.  Plus, I miss sharing what I've been cooking, crafting, organizing, and doing!!


  1. justin & i are planning our honeymoon in rome - this made me even more excited for it!

  2. I like the unfortunately, fortunately reference :o) LOVE IT

  3. Was there no A/C in your hotel you stayed at? I noticed you said to keep it SEMI cool....I wouldn't stay if there was no a/c i'm one who cannot sleep if I'm hot!

  4. I'm loving your trip reviews! The pictures are great and so are all your tips! Hope the staycation is going well :)

  5. This looks like an amazing trip! The sights are beautiful and the food looks delicious!

  6. Roma! Oh my gosh, didn't you just LOVE Italy?! I'm so glad you had a great time :) Rome is like 45 minutes (via airplane of course...) from us, we're there often! I love it. I love all of Italy (haha) You HAVE to come back and visit Sicily!!! There are some amazing beaches (some of the most famous in the world) and some of the oldest/most famous ruins too! It's like going back in time... and the food, atmosphere, people, culture... it is all just so amazing! :) LOVE your pictures!!! & you're right, drink LOTS of water! The temp. here is a diff. kind of heat from the states! ;)


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