Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brooke Lynn: 5 month Update

I could probably just post that photo alone and have it count for an entire blog. 

Buuuuuuuut, since I have so much to say, I better just start typing!!  As always, I cannot believe you already five months old.  Every day you continue to amaze me, by learning new things, making new faces, and simply being you.

such a Mommy look

We put the bumpers in your crib this past month, as your little arms and legs were starting to get stuck and in the rails, and I didn't want you to hurt yourself!! You seem to love the cushions because you will wedge yourself in there perfectly.  You tend to fall asleep on your right side, hands clasped. 

Born to Dance

At four months, you had me wondering what to do with your eating.   I tried the little bit of rice cereal in the bottle, which you ate, but it would sometimes make you a little backed up....so I did away with that and decided to keep you just on breast milk or formula. [So far, so good with Earth's Best Organic Sensitive].  At 5 months, I feel like I've finally figured it out. We get three to four solid nursing sessions a day, and you take a few more bottles too. There are times when you drink 9 full ounces. It's crazy how much you love your food.  I came to terms with not keeping up with your feedings, I am sure if I pumped and nursed simultaneously like a crazy doctor said, I could possibly get you back on just the boob, but quite honestly, I don't mind the formula.  I still love nursing, but sometimes  I just want to quit.  Your daddy is my cheerleader and keeps me going, when I feel like giving up.  {as in, I pump and get one.single.ounce.}  Either way, I know that the bulk of your nutrition should come from breast milk or formula the first year, so the "solid foods" are just little bonuses for now.  We have so much fun feeding you!

Brooke Eats:
I haven't 'made' much food yet, and I plan on starting, today actually!
You've tried & liked:
Carrots--your favorite
Sweet Potatoes
Rice Cereal 

Did not like:
Sweet Peas {momma doesn't really like peas either, but we will try them again!!}

You take 1/2 a jar or pouch mixed with a little bit of rice cereal breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

**All of your food is Organic; we like Earth's Best, Happy Baby, or Gerber

We don't have a Dr's visit until next month, but here are some 


Weight:  Judging by our scale, around 19 pounds I'd say!
Clothes: 6, 6-9, 9, 6-12 sizes
9 month sleepers {12 months are just a little big, but you wear those too!}
Diapers: Size 3
Your head is kind of big and some of your headbands don't quite fit?!  That's ok. Just more room for brains!
No teeth yet.
You take 2 loooong naps or 3-4 shorter ones during the day.  It depends on our schedule and whether or not Holly's barking wakes you up.
You sleep from 8/9pm -6/7am

Sophie the giraffe 
Refrigerated teething toys
Swing for catnaps
Excersaucer--you twirl right around in that thing now!
Play mat
Bouncer seat
Holly & Sadie---you love to pet them and watch Sadie lick the air.
Walks in your stroller or in the baby wrap on Daddy!

 Screeching is in full effect!
You can bring things into your mouth very well now!
You try to help me with your spoon
Peek-a-boo is fun to you now
You can roll your way across the room
We are working on "Da-da" and whenever I say it, you get the BIGGEST smile. So cute.

We've been debating on a walker or a jumper to hang...thoughts?  I'm on the fence on both.

I am also sad to report you're starting to outgrow your infant car seat.  We have you on the last notch and your little legs are hanging off a bit.  I really don't want to put your car seat facing forward until I absolutely have to, but man girl, you are a-growing!!  So with that said, the child seat research has begun...I'm thinking we can get you a girlie pink one since you'll be in this one for awhile!!

We also celebrated your dad's first Father's Day.  He loved the gifts you picked out {a soccer ball, so one day you can kick it around together, and a pair of mesh shorts since he got yellow nursery paint all over a pair last summer!}  Oh, and this cute picture frame with your precious little hand print.

You have an amazing Daddy and we are so lucky he's our main man!!

I love you very much baby girl and cannot wait to see what this month brings us.  You are a gift from above and one that we cherish every, single day. 


  1. You have great outfits for her!! Love all the photos! I cannot believe she is 5 months - wow!

  2. Those pictures are adorable! I love that skirt you had her in. so cute! she is growing up so fast!

  3. So cute! She's growing so fast! My baby girl doesn't like peas either :)

  4. She certainly is growing! The Father's Day frame gift is adorable. I bet he loved it!

  5. Um, has it really already been five months?!

  6. so cute! and girl i feel you on the BF and i'm just beginning! I already wanna give up sometimes.. I tell people.. BF'ing for me is harder than my labor was! I'm sticking to it so far but some nights/days it gets so hard or hurts..

  7. Oh goodness, she is a beauty!! And I LOVE all the little outfits you dress her in!!!


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