Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Menu & Vacation Day 3 Re-cap

Today I wanted to work on my goal of "Menu Planning" by linking up with Nichole!!  My mom comes into town Thursday, so who knows how accurate this will be, but at least it's an idea! She's gonna cook for us too next week; I can't wait.

Casa de Crews

Monday- Chicken Broccoli & Cheese w/ orzo
Wednesday- Girls' Night---I need an appetizer idea!!??
Thursday- Pineapple Chicken w/ Rice
Friday- Shrimp Scampi
And I want to keep sharing our first little family vacation...we spent Wednesday just hanging around Lake George and hit up the Outlet Mall. 

Cheesy selfie. Sidenote: LOVED that the hotel had Keurig machines--totally addicted to the Starbucks one right now.  

We scored some MAJOR Memorial Day Sales and with the perk of it being only Thursday, no crowds!! It was perfect.    Joe picked up some much needed work pants from Banana Republic, I got a few dresses/skirts from Guess, Banana, and The Gap.  And of course we got baby Brooke some cute fashion finds at Carter's.

I also was on a hunt for a cute wristlet--I get so disheveled from purse to diaper bag, I wanted a place to hold my credit cards, cash, phone and keys. DONE.  Love it!!
We had some down time to just relax and hang out which was so nice.

hotel view
Silly time with babes.

We then took Brooke SWIMMING!! OK, so it was more like dipping her in the water, but it was a first!

Of course she had to have this adorable cover-up.

She wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

She looked pretty darn cute in her swimsuit though! {Even though it's already tight?!}

We had the pool all to ourselves; it was perfect.

Oh yah, for dinner?  I went out and picked up BBQ. Shocking, right?!


  1. Yummy! Your menu looks great! I'm totally saving that chili recipe. Hmmm good appetizer? I like this tortellini skewer thing from The Hungry Housewife, you can google it or I have it saved on pinterest if you're interested! Love the Brooke pic with the glasses :)

  2. I have a pretty amazing recipe for crab dip if you would like that for an appetizer. Brooke is getting so big -- and so beautiful!

  3. I have a pretty amazing recipe for crab dip if you would like that for an appetizer. Brooke is getting so big -- and so beautiful!

  4. Love the little family portrait at the end, and your wristlet! I'm in need of one.

    I love caprese salad sticks for an easy summer app - halved grape tomatoes, mozzarella chunks or balls, and a bit of basil on a toothpick.

  5. Love your outlet finds! Brooke looks adorable in her little swimsuit. Your view from the hotel is gorgeous with the mountains in the background. Looks like a really pretty place!

  6. SHE IS SO PRECIOUS!!! And growing so fast! She is gorgeous just like her mommy :) So glad you guys were able to get away!

  7. I LOVE your trip updates! So much fun. Love that pool group shot - so cute!! And i'd like to come to your house for meals. :)

  8. Oh her swimsuit is ADORABLE! What a great vacation!
    Wish I'd seen that you needed appetizer ideas sooner. I've got lots of fun ones!

  9. she's so adorable in her lil suit! also those sandals..did you get those too recently?


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