Friday, June 7, 2013

Girls' Night Re-cap

Soooo....Wednesday night was going to be our last "Girls' Night" but after we were all having such an awesome time, it was evident we need to squeeze just one more night, before Matty leaves, just us four.

Matty hosted and greeted us with Upside Down Pineapple cake Martinis.
Brooke's look: What are you lookin at B??
I made Chicken Wing Dip & Beer bread.  It's an oldie, but a goodie..and we ate every last bite!!

2 Chicken breasts--throw into boiling water, cook, cool, shred.
1 brick of cream cheese spread evenly on bottom of pie plate.
Ranch dressing/red hot sauce mixed to taste & stir in chicken
Bake at 350 until it bubbles/you smell chicken wings.

Serve with tortilla chips or beer bread.

Matty served Spring Rolls as the entree w/ spicy peanut sauce.
Kristin brought a spicy Watermelon/Cucumber salad.

Alison made homemade Strawberry Ice cream [strawberries, coconut cream & honey she claims!]

 She even brought along a dessert bar.

Brooke & I wore stripes.

We had so much fun talking, laughing, and listening to music.  We kept playing "Blurred Lines" and even the "Clouds" song by Zach Sobiech. 

I downloaded this song after I watched the video about him and his life...and I must say, it's the perfect reminder how how precious life is.  I was kind of grouchy on the way to girls' night on Wednesday, I'm not going to lie. I was overtired, as Brooke had not slept much the past few nights and I was exhausted. I almost didn't want to go, I was that tired.  But I didn't want to show up with a crappy attitude, so I played this song a few times on the way there, and really reflected on all the good in my life.

I shared it again, once we were there awhile and I was so happy to be there in that moment with such sweet friends.

Life is not always perfect and you can't always be super happy all of the time...but if you can focus on the good, and not on the bad, you can turn your mind around most of the times.  Zach made people happy; he made it very clear that that was really what life was all about.

creepy eyes haha

There will be one more Girls' Night July 2nd at my house!! I cannot wait...any dinner ideas?? I'm impressed with all the appetizer ideas you guys gave me!! Thanks for those.  I love these friends.


  1. oh i love that hot wing dip too! we call it buffalo chicken dip! i recently made goat cheese figs with truffle honey and they were amazing. have you ever made rotel dip?

  2. Looks like a great night! I love Brooke's expression...haha.

  3. So great that you were able to get a girls night! and Brooke's serious face in that picture made me LOL :-) This post made me really hungry! haha

  4. Can I come to your girls nights so I can partake in all the yummy food?! Seriously looks amazing!!!


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