Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Fun

What a fabulous weekend! I hope yours was just as nice as ours!!

My mother-in-law continues to impress me.  I showed her what "Toe Blooms" were and asked if she could make a pair...

Thursday afternoon she stopped by with all of that!! She also bought Brooke a really cute dress that she just had to have.  My little fashionista.

 Friday was so nice to have Joe home.  He ran to Panera for our favorite little breakfast sandwiches and we enjoyed them on our back deck.  I also got to sneak off to Wegmans by myself, to stock up on some major grocery shopping!! I saved a total of $20 with my coupons. Very impressed by that!

We ended up getting Brooke a walker; she can't touch the floor yet, but it's nice to have her in different rooms/outside in something she can stand in.

Snack break.

We went for a nice little family drive...

And Miss Brooke napped nearly the whole time.  We grilled chicken wings out on the back deck and had a low key night.

Saturday was going to be a hot one, and Brooke and I had a play date with Blake and his mommy Jamie.  We decided to meet at the beach; it was so fun.  I really enjoy spending time with them; Blake is 3 weeks older than Brooke and Jamie is such a sweetheart.

We took a nice semi-hilly walk with the babes in their strollers and chatted about life.  Both angels took little catnaps, so that was nice.  Jamie and I were impressed Brooke doesn't yank her shades off; but she seems to like them?  #likemotherlikedaughter

I packed big ol' deli sandwiches on soft buns and she brought a ton of fresh fruit and veggies.  {We scarfed them down in between caring for the little ones!!}  When I sat Brooke next to Blake, she started squealing; it was adorable!! He's such a big boy sitting up all by himself.

Bikini baby.  {Grandma bought this for Brooke; Daddy doesn't totally approve, but mommy enjoys the easy diaper changes in a bikini vs a one piece!)

Bikini--from grandma
Cover-up: Target
Hat: Target
Sunnies: Kohls
Beach babes.

Tummy time on the beach.

How stinkin' cute is Blake's hat and outfit! Boy clothes are adorable.

Brooke was a little feisty and grabby grabby haha! I can't wait until they can actually "play" together. 

After the beach, we ran Daddy up some sushi for lunch and met my sister back here at my house.  Her husband was in a wedding and it was right down the road, so we hung out a bit and she got ready.

How fabulous does she look?? I believe she got the dress from Express awhile back.  Nude pumps. Gold jewelry.  She looked awesome.  Usually she's always in workout clothes because she's a gymnastics coach, so seeing her all dolled up was fun and I had to s nap a pic!  {PS she's also a Beachbody coach and my inspiration for working out!!  You can check out her site HERE}

Saturday night we grilled pork chops marinaded in Spiedie sauce.  We also took a little family walk to the frozen yogurt bar Yolickity---Key Lime Pie was delicious.  I felt like it was the "official start of summer" haha.  I look forward to many more family walks there!

Sunday we got up and out of the house by 10--which is good for us!! We stopped at Panera for Breakfast and then headed out to spend the day with Joe's grandma.

You can follow me on VINE or check out this link.   It's a little video app that you can record silly or special moments with people. Yup; all of our Vine posts are right up on the web.  Did you know that?

I had a face full of pretty makeup but it already sweat off by noon.  That's ok; I love the heat.

We thoroughly enjoyed grams' cooking.

Brooke was over-sleepy and great-grandma rocked her to sleep.

Such happiness.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but our dog Holly is this little dog's {Roxy} actual sister.  She happens to be the runt, and about half the size of our chi-pin Holly.

Sleepy great-grandma cuddles.

Brooke wearing the "Toe Blooms" grandma made! Can you stand the cuteness?

Daddy let her try a strawberry--she loved it!

Sunday night we ordered a movie and watched it.  It was 'stupid funny' but exactly the kind of movie you can try and watch with a 5 month old who's not sleeping yet.  You don't need to concentrate much to follow it.  It was a bit over the top, but good nonetheless.

google images

I am sooooo looking forward to many more fun weekends this summer!  It's by far my favorite season and I can't wait to spend as much time with the ones I love.

How was your weekend??

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  1. Blake and I had soooo much fun Saturday! We cannot wait for our next playdate!!!! Have a great week momma!! :)

  2. Brooke is adorable in her bikini and shades!

  3. I LOVE THESE PHOTOS ...... THE Bikini and shades I LOVE ..

  4. looks like such a fun weekend! i can't wait to start doing stuff with Kenzie, Brooke looks adorbs in her bikini! and noted about the ease of diaper changes!

  5. Your baby is absolutely precious! I love her little sunglasses! ADORABLE!


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