Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day Vacay: Lake Placid

wrap up my vacation posts, with our final day at Lake Placid!!  It was super warm and humid, so I was happy I bought a pair of shorts from Guess.  Baby Girl was all decked out in her Gap Chambray...

We had a lovely little drive up to Lake Placid.  I had never been and it was really neat to see where the Olympics were held, and where the athletes can train etc.

Such a peaceful drive and little B slept the whole way!  She even continued to sleep as we took a little stroll along the small strip of stores.  Since there was a Starbucks, I just had to stop in...and I think the grinders woke her up! oops.

We stopped into a "Jerky" store and they had all different kinds of jerky.  We got Sweet and spicy beef, a turkey jerky, and even kangaroo. Yup, I said it.

 It was hot, humid and sunny...

My grande soy vanilla latte. #favorite
And then the clouds rolled in and we headed back to the truck.  It was lunch time for Brooke and we waited for the rain to stop, before grabbing a little lunch.

[and my camera card filled up and I was left with just our phones, sad face]

Daddy Kisses.
Silly little family.

It continued to rain back in Lake George but we still managed to sneak out for a nice little Italian Dinner.  I had Chicken French, basically, and it was good....buuuuuuuuuut no where near as good as my mother in law's.   Hands down, she should quit her job, open an Italian Lunch Eatery and serve it. That good.

Anyway, that concluded our little family vacation.  We took a scenic ride through the mountains the next day, so scenic in fact, I was getting car sick from the winding roads, we had to pull over so that I could drive!! I couldn't handle the turns, oy!!

While it was nice to sneak away for a bit, it was so nice to come home and relax having Joe home for three more days.  It's nice to not have to rush off to work right after a vacation.

Like I've said before, I know we will return to Lake George one day, but it will be AFTER the diaper duties have subsided and when our kids can run around and enjoy all that that silly little town has to offer. 

What was your first trip like with your first baby?


  1. Love all the vacay photos, looks like such a great time!

  2. Love her little outfit! SO cute! What a great vacay!! And beautiful family. Love the pics.

  3. What a fun trip!! Brooke is so adorable, I can't get over those cute little cheeks! She reminds me so much of my niece :)


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