Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy November!! As the husband and I were driving home from trick-or-treating last night, I said to him, how happy I was that we had an awesome October, but I am ready to bring on November.  With that said, here I am, starting the month off RIGHT by doing a few things.

One, being that I decided I wanted to sign up and commit to blogging every day in November. #BEDN I love blogging, and I think that if I schedule times and things I really enjoy doing, it forces me to get the stuff that I have to get done, and creates a better balance of feeling whole and happy.  I enjoy writing about all aspects of life, from my daughter, my husband, cooking, health, fashion...and I always want to be a DIYer but, most of them are flops, there's no finished product and I don't share them on the blog...

With #BEDN, there is a calender of topics we can choose from, and if I feel like writing about something else? That's cool too! The point is to follow through and blog every single day no matter what!

So, hello any new readers! I am Jenn. I was an English teacher for 8 years, then decided to become a housewife, which quickly turned into a stay at home mom.  My baby girl is almost 10 months old, and she is seriously the highlight of our lives! We just have so much fun with her!  I've been married to my husband for 3.5 years and are coming up on our 6 years of being together in January.  It's so crazy how time flies! Things aren't always perfect, sunshine and roses, but I always try to focus on the good.  Life is a gift and we really try to cherish it.

While I love staying home with Brooke, I love that I can help people with AdvoCare. It doesn't hurt to contribute to our monthly income either! Good health is so important, and more than anything I want everyone to feel as great as I do, with these products.  I started my 24 day challenge today, so I am excited about that!  The first 10 days are my "cleanse" phase, where you avoid all fatty, processed, fried foods, along with dairy, alcohol, and I choose to give up coffee, because with that coffee always comes creamer...So I am enjoying my Spark.  

I already am very impressed with myself, because I would have had several pieces of candy, some hash-browns, and said creamer...with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I really needed {reminder} that I don't NEED all these cookies and junk. I stress 90/10 [90% clean eating, 10% not] and I know I am not always super aware of how much I am eating, so this 24 day challenge puts me back in my place!  I really want to be happy with how I look in holiday photos, so that is my main purpose to tighten up my eaten habits, workout more and be healthy. If you're wanting to get back on track with your eating, let me know!!

So will you join in and BEDN? Let me know so I can read your blog! Have a fabulous Friday friends.

[sneak peek of our little one's Halloween!]


  1. Yay for #BEDN! I'm not participating but I love reading everyone's posts when they do this :) Gives me good reading! So excited to be doing this challenge with you :) And it looks like your Halloween was lots of fun!!

  2. Hmm, I see you guys are 49er fans... I guess I can forgive you for that ;) hahaha. My friend is trying to get me into advocare because she sells it... I might cave one of these days.

  3. its all about clean eating , when doing the cleanse if you ate anything bad your body will reject it.. You don't feel so well. I cant wait to do the 24 day challenge .. but for now i have been eating very well and no fast food at all..

  4. I miss reading your blog every day! You know you are my favorite and I love hearing about that beautiful princess you have;) I think blogging is so therapeutic! Like you said, it encourages us to get things done.

  5. now i understand what BEDN stands for lol just catching up on all my blogs ;) And I looove all of these pictures!


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