Saturday, November 16, 2013

Favourite Folk

I don't think it's much surprise that my favorite people reside in my home with me.  One I chose to spend the rest of my life with and the little life we created together.  My whole world revolves around them, from sun up to sun down.  I cannot imagine it any other way.  I love being able to make us breakfast in the morning and go on travel adventures when we can.  I know that I am who I am many thanks to so may beautiful people in my life; but my "favorite people" are certainly Joe & Brooke.

{waiting at my Neuro appointment}

Brooke teaches more about slowing down, savoring the moment.  I purposely leave my cellphone on the counter and venture upstairs to her nursery to give her a bottle.  Or we play and be together.  Sure there are times we Facetime with Grandma or Daddy.  We certainly snap a ton of photos too!  But I know how fast these 10 months have gone and I just know the next 17 years are going to fly by as well.  She is so curious and excited about the smallest of things; it really is a childlike wonder.  I love every stinky toe on that baby girl's foot, and the funny little faces she makes my heart melt.  I enjoy staying home and I really look forward to being able to do more fun activities as she grows and learns.  I love the baby stage, but I know when I can see her learning more and more, I'll be having so much fun! I really want her to be well-rounded in all areas in life and I will work so hard to create that for her.

I know I married the right man because he makes me want to be a better person.  I look back at who I was before I met him, and I believe that we truly saved each other.  We have our ups and downs, but we always do and always will come out on top.  He has really taught me so much about the importance of making money; he's taught me that it's good to be selfish sometimes.  Our society is a bit warped in some senses, and somewhere we were taught that money is the root of all evil.  Well guess what? We need money to live.  To eat. To clothe ourselves.  To heat our home. To drive places. To travel and explore and build our minds.  I believe like anything in excess, too much is always too much...and you need to be smart with your money.  We put our health first with spending more money on good whole organic foods.  Buying vitamins that really do help us feel better, {but my 40% discount always helps!} and limiting our food outings to high quality restaurants rather than fast food joints.  We feel better because of it too!  We are rarely sick and don't visit the doctor much at all really; and for Joe having Crohn's I'd say that is worth sharing!  Without our health, we wouldn't be enjoying the quality of life that we so deeply love and cherish.

The only "bad thing" about us?  In our opinion, is that time just goes by way too fast.  How we've been together almost 6 years, I have no idea.  How we are celebrating our child's first birthday in a few short months?? I am beyond confused hah!! It's silly, but I do see us old together.  I see us just sitting on a front porch, watching the sunset, with our old wrinkled hands, fingers intertwined.  He's my best friend.  He's someone that I tell everything's really hard for us to keep anything from the other.

Trust me, I spent many awful dates and got out of some interesting relationships to be where I am today.  I knew that I would find the perfect someone for me, if I just waited long enough...and I was right.  I cannot picture my life any different than what it is right now.  That, in and of itself is so beautiful.  I wouldn't want to spend this crazy life with anyone else by my side.  I am a lucky girl, but he too is a very lucky guy!! We are blessed.


  1. Ugh don't remind me how fast time goes by. I'm still crying over the fact that my son is 10. I hug and kiss him like crazy! Thankfully he still lets me for the most part. Enjoy every moment girl! It's a beautiful thing! xoxo

  2. aw beautiful post! and yay for less trips to the dr for Joe!

  3. Yall are so sweet and Brooke is soooo long!! She is going to be tall!!

  4. Jenn, this post made my night! Even though I'm only 23, as I watch my Facebook newsfeed fill up with engagements and weddings, I cannot help but wonder- why not me? (As pathetic at that sounds)

    This post reminded me that it's worth waiting for someone INCREDIBLE! And that I shouldn't be with someone just for the sake of having a boyfriend.

    Thank you! <3


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