Monday, November 25, 2013


Sunday's #BEDN was "Motivation".  I find that somewhat funny because hubby and I had zero motivation to do much of anything, other than build a fire in our fireplace, keep it going, play with Brooke, and eat a delicious dinner together.  I had a fun and busy weekend; Friday night I babysat my friend's twins, {and then she'll watch Brooke when we need her!} it really helps us keep up with "date nights" --another #BEDN topic I've discussed before on the blog.  It's so very important to get dressed up and have nights out alone, without your kids!! I know it is tough to do, but every time we do it, I feel a little bit more connected to my husband than before.  I think that will always be one of the greatest gifts to give our daughter; two parents who loved each other for better and worse.  Always.
My other girlfriend Ann came out and we spent some quality time too!

Anyway, back to motivation.  Yeah, we relaxed and stayed in our pjs all day---all three of us! I don't recall the last time we did that...but it was heavenly.  We watched movies, a little football and enjoyed each other.  I think those days are important to have once in a great while too, because it really gave me a swift kick in the rear to get moving today!  I had two loads of laundry done, the dishwasher running and did a Jillian Michaels workout all before 10:30.  {Plus the usual getting breakfast ready, taking care of the dogs, baby, Joe's work clothes etc.}  So to have a day of rest, or at least a partial day of rest, I would say is essential in being able to stay motivated.  We all need some down time [some less than others] but in order to stay on top of your game, definitely take a step back and enjoy a little time.

I know I've written before about 'self-help' books, preferably audios.  To hear it over and over, it does something.  It makes you want to strive to be better.  What area you need or want to improve upon, can, you just need to make it a priority.  For me? It's working out. I have the eating down, I have the right nutrients and supplements, but I need to put forth more movement.  It is essential for my well being!  I don't hate working out, {ok sometimes I feel like that} but after I'm done, I never regret breaking a sweat.  Ever.  So why is it so hard to start?

Today I did Killer Buns and Thighs. Wowie!  I feel it already....and I love it!  I don't always love cleaning toilets and let's face it, changing poopy diapers aren't my favorite activity to do with my 10 month old!! But there are some things we just have to do, and some things we just choose to do...or not.  I think one of the best quotes I read in the book The Slight Edge, "What is easy to do, is also easy not to do."  So true! Like the pile of dinner dishes sitting in my kitchen right now.  It'd be easy to do them, but I really wanted to sit and type here on my it was also easy not to do them.  They need to get done, and will get done, but they're not going to be any more fun to do later, when I should have just done them earlier!

I find quotes to be inspiring and motivating.  I have a few hung up around my kitchen.  Not the prettiest to look at, but they do make me think about things.  I also go back to what we surround ourselves with and who we surround ourselves with for that matter.  "What we attract or think about is what we become."  Don't think it's true?  You're lying to yourself.  We as humans feed off of each other; we find common threads and connections; we enjoy that sense of bonding.  Good or bad, it's there.  So why not make it good?  If you're "friends" with someone who is constantly nagging, bringing you down, sucking the life out of you, taking all of your positive energy and twisting it up and throwing it back in a negative little ball....walk away.  It may be hard at first, but it's like any bad habit.  It will make you stronger, happier and healthier in the long run.  Trust me. I know.

So I try to surround myself with people whom I admire, or keep in contact with people that I see myself very similar to.  I have grown up a lot and while I'm not perfect, I do believe I have become a better person than I was before.  I don't like drama or gossip, whereas before it was easy to get sucked into.  I try to see good in everyone and I admit, it's hard at times.  There are some people we just don't click with and you know what? That's okay.  But you don't have to be mean to them or talk badly about them.  It's easy to do, and also easy not to do.

What motivates you?  Any tricks on staying with the workout regime? I'd love to hear!


  1. Oh man..I would kill to be lazy and relax at home in my Pj's all day one day! Maybe soon;)

  2. You are doing great,, I know it gets hard. but you have been doing it already so just keep it up. What motivates me is if i dont eat right our take care of my body it starts to hurt,, I have a long way to go but I JUST want to be fit and take of my safe, I will be ordering more Advocare also :O)


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