Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweater Weather [tag]

Hey hey hey!!  I'm trying really hard to blog every day,  but my life keeps getting in the way! hahaha No really, I was going to blog last night but I totally left my laptop over at my dad's, so that my brother could show me how to use it.  {thanks bro!} and so that made me SUPER productive this morning because I didn't have it.  I decided I would partake in the "Sweater Weather Tag" because it's just so darn cute.  I don't know what I'm even supposed to blog about #bedn today! oops!

Here are the questions!

1.  Favorite candle scent?

2.  Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?

3.  Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season? [or dark or winged eye]

4.  Favorite Thanksgiving food?

5.  Hats or scarves?

6.  Most worn sweater?

7.  Fall nail color

8.  Football games or jumping in the leaves.

9.  Skinny jeans or leggings.

10.  Boots or Uggs?

11. Favorite thing about Fall? [memory?]

12. Song that gets you into the Fall mood or a favorite song at the moment?

13.  What is the weather like where you live?

Feel free to vlog or blog your responses and leave a link below!! Happy Fall!!


  1. I love watching your vlogs! Your voice and mannerisms are exactly how I imagine them (mean that in the most uncreepy way)! Red Velvet Cupcake is such a comforting scent...! So sweet and cozy. I am the same with my makeup, definitely more outfit driven than season!

  2. i'm so going to make the box cranberry bread :O)

  3. That sounds like the best way to get stuff done. I need to lose my laptop for a day!
    Loooove your voice! (creepy much? Ha!) I want to make a vlog to see if people think my voice goes with my face... but I'm kind of nervous to do one. I don't know why?

  4. I'm a little late but I loved this tag so I did it too!! Mine should be up tomorrow!!


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