Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good News and a few Updates

Hiiiiii!! I'm back and blogging from my brand new computer!! She's so purdy!! I have full ambition to catch up on my #bedn challenge....let's see if it can actually happen!! I'll simply start out by saying, my gosh.  While I wish we were sunning on a beach some place {let's be honest, 19 degrees is freaking freezing here!} I really couldn't be more thrilled with our "stay cation." This was the 3rd year we've done it and I'm really happy.  Joe's a hunter, and while I was worried I'd really miss him and wish "I had gone away on vacation," really it's been so nice to see him relax.  He works so hard, many long hours and not a lot of free time.  He doesn't have a lot of hobbies, he golfs maybe 3 times last summer.  He does play his video games, but hunting? He loves it and it's really great exercise walking the ravine, hills, and just the fields!

Wednesday was our family day, we had a sushi lunch and we ventured out to the mall and saw the new Von Maur store--very chic!  Brooke was a little fussy; she had a runny nose, cough and sneezes. We didn't stay more than 40 minutes and that includes giving her a bottle by the fancy fireplace seating.  We then drove a little bit because it was her nap time; man she is really stuck on our routine, and then stopped at a few stores.  I needed my Vanilla Bean Noel lotion & hand soap.  We also purchased a new garbage--wahoo--such a silly but needed thing to buy.  I finally got to bring Joe to Trader Joe's and that's always fun too!! We picked up some delicious French cut pork chops and he grilled them for dinner.

I will share my video from the other day--when I found out I have no further issues with my brain!! I'm so relieved and probably far too happy to learn it's just early arthritis in my neck.  I am very blessed and it's really putting everything into perspective with life.  I just don't take anything for granted.

I used my phone to record so I was distracted a bit by text messages coming through.  You get the point though.  Thanks again for everyone who wished me well!!

So for today I am still on a de-cluttering mission! I am cleaning out junk we are not using and either donating it or saving for a garage sale.  This girl is ready to organize!!  I just want a clutter free happy home haha!   Make today a wonderful one!


  1. I'm so incredibly happy that you're okay!!! We're a huge fan of stay cations too...Like Joe, B rarely relaxes, so it's so nice to just take a few days, stay home and let my hubby relax.

  2. your so right. lets never take anything for granted .. :O)

  3. yay! and i almost cried when you started talking about brooke and joe.. so happy it's not your brain or MS!

  4. SO relieved that it's arthritis in your neck, Jenn! That had to be so terrifying. I cannot even imagine. Very very happy that it's not a neuro issue.

    What a perfect day with Joe and Brooke from the sushi date to picking up dinner at Trader Joe's (one of the happiest places on earth in my opinion!). Glad the staycation was so relaxing and fun!


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