Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: Stress

Stress. It's something that is just a part of all of our lives.  Call it a coincidence, I suppose, but today is a tad stressful.  Actually, this week...if you've reading, you may remember back in July when I had an MRI done. {read here and here}  The results were a bit odd, and my neurologist basically told me to get some more MRI's done in November to see if anything has changed, and to check my spine as well. I believe it was due to one spot he saw in my brain that, well, he wasn't quite sure what it was...possibly an MS plaque?  Either way, it's all super scary and nerve-wracking stuff.  Since I learned about my odd findings, I pretty much put it out of my mind.  It wasn't like I had a specific diagnosis, and quite honestly there wasn't anything I could do.  He did stress to me that my blood pressure needs to stay in a healthy range, and that I cannot gain too much weight.  I had just begun my AdvoCare journey, and so it was as if it were perfect timing. 

I chose to focus all my stressful energy, into AdvoCare.  Instead of googling "MS symptoms" or "brain cysts" I read read leadership books.  I connect with people. I focus on all things good, happy, positive and uplifting.  I really try to stay away and out of drama, and I'm really working on being better overall.  I will say that since I've decided to stay at home, I have been far less stressed, for obvious reasons.  I used to worry over every little thing, and while I still catch myself doing so from time to time, I have to tell myself to just stop...

I love yoga and really need to get into that more.  I love long walks. I love jazz music. I love lighting candles and just being present in the moment.  I still have my crazy moments where I lose my cool and yell, or stomp my feet, but I am always working on being better.  I believe that some stress is good stress, but if you're not eating, or eating too much, not sleeping, or sleeping too much, then perhaps you really need to take a look at yourself.  Why are things this way?  Life isn't supposed to be draining and difficult all of the times.  It's like everything though, there are good times and bad.  It's how you maintain your cool and just go with the flow.  My husband is far better than me at doing that.  He really is "Joe cool."  It takes A LOT to ruffle his feathers, but I tend to get worked up a little lot easier.


So I am just sitting down Wednesday night, to finalize my post...all I can say is, I survived this STRESSFUL day without being grumpy, mad, sad, or taking it out on anyone. It wasn't a bad day, but it was "just one of those days."  From 6:00 until 6:00 pm I ran around!  I can't even relive all the odd random weird crazy {are you done yet cosmos?} happenings of today.  I can say that when life gets you stressed, all you can do is laugh it off...


How do you combat stress?


  1. You're the BOMB!! So proud of you and proud to call you friend. It's been so amazing watching you grow in your journey.

    Baths in our jet tub...and listening to "my music" on Pandora where there are no little ears. (It's not bad....but I try to only listen to praise music with him.) I LOOOOOOVE yoga too & need to get back into it. Wish we lived closer! Any chance I could talk you, Joe Cool, Nik, & Mr Big Truck into moving to GA?? You will fit right in down South with your homemade apple pies! ;)

  2. I'm so glad you've been able to de-stress and focus on the good! Advocare has really been great for you in more ways than one :) I got out of a horribly stressful situation this year (my job) because it truly was making me sick. Not good at all. I like to run and workout when I get stressed, or I watch funny movies/TV shows that don't make me think!!

  3. Oh, wow, Jenn! That IS scary and stressful! I love your method of combatting worry and stress.

    Working out always helps me and so does getting lost in a novel :) It helps to escape to a different world!

  4. reading/blogging as I'm in the bath with the candles lit..perfect de stresser..(happenin as i type actually ;)) ooosaaa

  5. I take baths and I always to to give myself an hour to relax and get my mind back together. I know its hard with a baby but sometimes you need it.. I'm going though a lot of problems what helps me to know i'm not alone. God will never give you more then you can bear. your a great mama and wife do not forget that. :O)


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