Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Thoughts for Friday

On this Friday I am thinking and sending out happy thoughts. Baby girl is sick, I'm still getting over a cold and hubby is currently having a procedure done at that moment I'm typing this... So I am hoping for a restful weekend and that all of us are back to our crazy selves this weekend. 

It feels like Spring is trying so hard to be here, but I heard snow for this weekend...

That is ok because hubby and I have a romantical {yes I say that's a word!!} and tropical vacation on the calendar!!

         Staying at the Radisson Blu!!

Let the countdown begin!! I am so excited. We are not bringing little miss. It's just a quick getaway and she'll split her time with grandparents. They'll have a ball with her and she is in excellent hands. I know we will miss her dearly but we will FaceTime and I know it will fly by. 

I truly believe it is important to strengthen our marriage and bond as a couple. I never want to lose that spark that was formed so many years ago! 

I cannot wait to slip into a sundress and feel sand in my toes. This is going to be amazing!!! We've been there twice (day stops on cruise ships) we cannot wait to explore the island even more and experience the island nightlife. 

Spring break here we come!! Do you have any plans?! 

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  1. So jealous! Looks amaze! You deserve it mama! Have fun!


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