Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sun to Snow {this and that}

Well that was fun!!  I think we got about 20 inches of snow or so and so I'm probably not going to leave my house today either!

It's just not worth it if there is no place we have to go,  I'd rather stay inside and play with Brooke all day.  I don't want to dig my Yukon out anyway!! Haha.

My husband did come home early yesterday and there is NO better feeling than having all of us home safe and sound.  It really makes me happy!

We cooked up a quick and easy recipe from [hubby's favorite recipe site!]

Smoked Gouda Bacon Wrapped Chicken…wowza!!

I made a yummy tilapia the other night too--I used Giada's Lemon Basil Pesto recipe for the topping!

So this was early Wednesday morning.

Late Wednesday night.

Thursday Morning

Crazy to think Brooke and I were walking around in the sunshine Tuesday!

Holly doesn't care for it!

Neither does Brooke

That is all! Happy Thursday!!


  1. Eww. Snow. I have to say girlfriend..I'm totally glad it passed us!! But lucky you for getting extra time to spend with baby girl. Snow days are fun, but I've had my share this year!

  2. Yum! Those recipes sound delicious. My man would love bacon wrapped chicken. Also...Giada knows best! We got hit with some crazy snow here, too!

    Love your blog, it is so adorable.

    Amanda Rose
    NY NEblogger network rep

  3. food looks so good, but looks so cold. Hope you are staying warm.. Cute Videos


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