Monday, March 17, 2014

Woop It's Monday

So as much as I loved our Sunday linkup, I don't know much about html and the code isn't working right, so I guess we can't link up all together any more.  {sad face} I really loved seeing everyone's workouts! I will still try to share mine, as it really did help me get better as I progressed.

Last week's workouts:

Sunday- off
Tuesday- 45 minute walk with Brooke
Thursday- TIU Legs/Booty
Friday- off
Saturday- TIU Love your body kettle bell

Not terrible, but not my finest!  I just loved getting outside with Brooke, if only for a day.  I know that once the weather turns to a constant 50 degrees + I will be outside SO much with her!  I cannot wait.


As for St. Patrick's Day-- I'm sure we will do a little more when little B is older, but we don't do much. Hubby cannot stand corned beef or cabbage and so I made manicotti for dinner yesterday!    He did tell me we can celebrate "St. Joseph's Day"---which apparently he did while growing up. So I've been looking into it; basically you bake bread,  pastries, pasta, fish, wear red, and celebrate how Joseph is the protector of the house.

Fitting since hubby's name is Joe.  He loves the color red.  Oh and he loves sweets.  I'm on it! LOL

We had a perfect little weekend; I shamefully admit I paid $$$ to watch the third season of Scandal because only episodes 9 and up are on demand, and well, it got REAL good and I just had to watch.  Like I've said before, I am not a TV person, but man, this winter has been long and this show is so so so good!

We went to Target and picked up the correct sized curtain rod because I never measure.  I've been working on trying to get this office in order for awhile; it's my main project of 2014.  It's coming along, and I hope to have it all nice nice by summer.


I miss blogging and this post is all over the place.  Holly keeps jumping on my lap, Brooke is supposed to be napping but she is currently taking off her pjs (I am watching the monitor) and I need to hop in the shower to go sell some cloth diapers to a local mama.

PPS.  It's. Still. Snowing. Whyyyyyyyy???  Good thing I begged hubby to jump back on the vacay bandwagon and let's get outta here and into some hot sun!

'Tis life!  Happy Monday!

{Probably the most random non picture post ever. Oops!}


  1. Haha I love random posts, though!

    GAH- seriously...WHY is snow still involved in our lives? We are getting close to the end of March! I cannot wait until I can walk through my neighborhood again without worrying about frostbite! Haha

    I love the idea of celebrating St. Joseph's Day. That is awesome! Haha

    When we were little, a leprechaun visited our house on St. Patrick's Day Eve. His name was Mickey O'Malley, and he would turn all of the furniture in our bedrooms upside-down and leave gold glitter all over. He would then leave little cauldrons full of green candy and treats outside of our bedroom doors.

  2. good job working out. I will miss the link up but I will still try to post my light work outs.. I love random post


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