Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Brooke is a Baby No More

When I first had Brooke, I will admit something; I was nervous, scared, and so worried something would happen.  I was so afraid that I would mess up and got so caught up in everything being so new, I look back and wish I could have enjoyed the moments just a little more.  Breastfeeding, up all hours, a sore recovery, my body being all sorts of out of whack…to say it was tough is an understatement.  I loved that little squishy bean, but I was just hormonally a wreck!  As a first time mommy, you really do second guess yourself on everything.  You go into it with all of these fresh ideas and hope to be super mama.

I wouldn't change anything about what we did as parents or how we handled things; but I know that the next time around, I will slow down.  I will savor each second of the squinted eye, squishy baby, wrinkled hands and feet.  Everyone said it goes by so fast, and it does; it really really does.  

Brooke is now 14 months old.

She eats A LOT.

[Girlfriend loves hummus!]

A sweet cherry treat!

Out to lunch.

She is in a 2T.

New Spring Fashions

She has a size 6.5 shoe.

She talks more than I am ready for and remembers things so well!! She is no longer a baby.  

She is literally my heart walking around outside of my body.  I am so in love with her more and more each day; it is so amazing to watch her grow and learn.  

While she continues to grow, I do too.  I learn not to be so hard on myself; that we are doing a wonderful job as parents and we will have our tough times, but that little girl is such a breath of fresh air in this crazy world.  

To look into the face of something we created is such a magical thing.  

I know when God's timing is right, we will get the chance to go through it all again; but until then, we are simply enjoying our little Brooke Lynn.


  1. She's so cute! I can't wait to see you guys! I love the little anchor outfit!

  2. So sweet<3 she is growing so fast!!! You are such a great Mom!!

  3. I love your post! Brooke is so cute! I never believed the "They grow so fast. Enjoy it while they are little" saying but it is very true! My little girl is 3 and growing like crazy! I also wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! I am a new reader!

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  4. Heart walking outside your body is the best description I've ever heard. She's so sweet. Don't beat yourself up, mama. You are inspiring.

  5. i thought the same thing^^^. Love this and her. And you! Amazing mama and babygirl. I'm so happy I found you before she was born cuz i got the privilege to watch her grow too! :) xoxo ps. love the hummus face!


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