Monday, June 2, 2014

Life Lately and Hopes for a Hands Free Summer

Happy Monday!! It's another warm one today and I am LOVIN it.  We don't have much planned, so maybe we will pull out the sprinkler or do something fun outside. Yay!

Pardon the mess, but I had to snap a quick photo of Miss B standing JUST like her father.  He is so tall and it just made me laugh out loud when I saw her standing in front of the TV like him.

I hopped in the shower the other day and she was playing on the floor with toys and watching Sesame Street.  I got out and saw she was all up in our bed chillin like a big girl.

She loves her coloring and takes it very seriously.

Friday I snuck out for a bit and saw a yard sale--found a $3 slide! SCORE! It's a little roughed up and dirty, but way better than $50/80.

Oh, when I snuck out on Friday? Yeah, I got a facial.  It was so nice…I went back to where my husband's cousin works and it's just so cute inside.  I feel like I've stepped into an old fashion French home.    It was so relaxing to be pampered a bit; and my face feels brand new!

We got this thumb sucking habit…

That I try to break; I don't mind if she's doing it before she falls asleep but she's starting to do it more and more…so I pull her thumb out of her mouth and she does this.

I laid 23 bags of mulch and finished weeding my front gardens.  I think it's looking really nice!  It's so hard to just start.  Our yard has tons of garden space and it is actually quite overwhelming to someone like myself who isn't exactly a green thumb.  For the last 6 years I have tried my best, but I never really am happy with the results…this year?  I think I actually have my shit together! Haha. I am excited to see all if it finished; it's weird because I don't think I like gardening, but once you start it's hard to stop!

I still need a few more flowers here and there, but I'll get there.  Need mint anyone?!

 We are thinking of replacing our cement sidewalk with these; look at us all fancy and stuff.

Sunday brought a breakfast outside, a nap for Brooke, and a quick snack before we headed to Grams.

We enjoyed a manicotti Italian lunch; fresh baked bread, chicken cutlets and almond paste cookies.  Boroke enjoyed Benny the lamb again [I wish I had my camera on me when she was feeding him!] and again the chickens.  It's such a catch 22 this damn phone/camera.  I have lately been HATING my phone. I just don't even want to carry it around; I guess it's normal to go through phases but I am just not obsessed nor loving any of my usual social media.  Sorry peeps.  I do however, wish I could remember to grab our nicer cameras, but it's tricky to not forget something when you're running out the door.

Maybe I will be back into it soon, but I have a feeling this will be a pretty "Hands Free Summer."  Ever since I read the Hands Free Mama book, I just hate being so attached to the phone. I wasn't raised with a mom glued to her phone and neither will my daughter. Always a work in progress, but something I enjoy doing is bettering myself.  Don't get me wrong; I am not anti cell phone completely, but if you're not careful it completely takes over your life.

Trust me.

What do you think about a hands free summer?

It was an early night for us, as we were wiped from the weekend.  And early to rise for Monday morning breakfast and getting Daddy out the door for work.

We love breakfast outside!

Totally random and kind of funny: when Brooke wakes up her hair is all curly and crazy.  Joe thinks she looks like "a Joan" and I can't help but laugh at how funny that is.

I don't know what she thinks about us calling her Joan; it's like a cute little old lady hair do.  We love you boo boo!!

What's up with you guys this week? Any fun summer plans?


  1. Love this post..looks like you girls have been busy!! So funny you mentioned the hands free summer thing..I'm vowing to put my phone down more and not be so involved with social media! Love that baby girls loves to color! Can't wait til Savanna is into stuff like that;) Hope you guys have some fun stuff planned for the summer!

  2. Your garden/landscaping looks great! You did a great job! Miss B is just precious!

  3. I really need to read that book! Along with the stack that is on my nightstand. I guess when I go bak to work I can catch up on reading. LOL!

  4. I hear ya about the Social Media - but i do love my phone for quick pix! One suggestion I have is that when I want access to my camera or at least have my phone available as needed, I put it into AIRPLANE MODE - it doesn't allow me to do emails, FB, call, text, etc...but it is still there as needed. I have found this extremely helpful in the car, too, bc I am committed to ending distracted driving!!!

  5. She is sooooo tall! :) I need to read that. So does the hubby!

  6. I love your photos .. Brooke is so pretty


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