Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baby #2 Bumpdate

How far along:

17 weeks

I took this at night, after I always feel a little bigger haha.  PS--weird prego symptoms: baby hair growing in on the side of my head?! OY! I know once I start nursing after baby, it all falls out but it's kinda annoying.

See, I feel like the left side is already protruding a bit more; what's so comfy about the left?? #sadiebomb

Baby is the size of:
A turnip

NO clue.  We have zero girl names and I am terrified to think of how we will ever come to agree on one, if need be!! {Any suggestions??} Joe thinks it's a girl, Brooke says, "Boy" and I am just staying out of it. Haha. I was totally wrong with Brooke so, I am not even guessing.

Better this week! I was all out of sorts last week and I really don't know why. I couldn't get my head on straight and just was really emotional.  We took it really easy this weekend, like Joe and Brooke asleep by 8/9 pm.  Sunday we really did nothing, but take Brooke to a playground for a bit and all that resting I think really helped!!

I have trouble falling asleep before 10.  I like to read or watch You Tube videos, but once I do fall asleep I seem to be good until around 5 am when I get up to pee. I fall back to sleep until 7, when we all have to get up!  On days where we don't have to be up, I have been known to sleep in until 9 or 10--whoa!

Belly Button:
That thing stretched out last time around; I don't think it will ever pop out. It's too deep. Enough belly button questions.

Stretch Marks:
No new ones---I still have the faded ones under my belly button from Brooke. I didn't have any until the last few days I went over 40 weeks…they're not terrible, but they're there. I am SUPER itchy on my boobs and my belly so I use Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter in the am and Bio-oil at night.

Lots of veggies {cucumbers, tomatoes and hummus omg!}, fruit, lemonade, and the other night it was warm, from the oven chocolate chip cookies.  I didn't make any, or eat any, so those would still be awesome.  I miss my occasional glass of cold, Pinot.  Not gonna lie. This sort of works.

Best Moment of the Week:
Feeling baby #2 move more and more.  I feel like he/she is sitting in the bottom left corner like Brooke did, so it makes for a little discomfort.  After I eat or when I lay down, I feel baby move around the most!

The other wonderful moments are when Brooke randomly says, "Baby!" and pats my belly. It really is so cute...

What I'm looking forward to:
This weekend I believe Brookie will be visiting her grandparents and hubby has a tent sale--SO mama gets some alone/GIRL time!! I am really excited about that.  My friend and I will be getting pedicures!

I am really making more of an effort this time around!! I feel my absolute best first thing, so the last three days we have gone on little half hour walks.  She loves nature and is just sleepy enough to not wanna run around like a crazy kid.  I feel great just moving! I believe my new sneakers really helped because my feet feel fantastic!! Who knew how important a good pair of shoes were??

I have also been doing more yoga stretches and planks.  I need to start in on the weights a bit!  I want to keep my lean muscle mass I worked so hard to get before getting pregnant.

Overall thoughts/questions:
I am SO ready to get this party started!! I just wanna know boy or girl so I can let the fun nursery decorating begin! I have some ideas floating around, so I can't wait to put those into place.  We were going to do a Gender Reveal Party, but the timing is just weird and I just don't want to deal with making others upset for missing it.  So, Joe and I will find out and just tell people, some how. Muahahahaha. 

There is so much to look forward to--we still have so much of summer left and then I get excited about Fall and then Christmas with Brooke..and then omg she's two and we have 2 kids! What a wild ride 2015 will be.  

Any suggestions mamas with two, under/near two??  


  1. I cannot wait to find out what you're having!

  2. aw that little bellay! i can't wait til i get to be prego again! funny i say that cuz i did not like it the first time.. now i miss it! And when do you find out?!?!

  3. You are stunning!! Cannot wait to hear what you are having!!! eeekkk!! Awe and Brooke is gonna be the best big sis. And the cutest! I just want to snuggle her.


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