Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Boy!

I cannot tell you how nervous and excited I was to go to our anatomy scan for baby number two.  I don't remember being this nervous for Brooke.  I could hardly sleep last night and as I re-cap today, I am just exhausted!! It's funny how much our emotions can wear us out.  In a good way, of course!

Before we went into our appointment!

I don't know when exactly I started thinking it was a boy… I never wanted to really admit it out loud because I thought Brooke was a boy, and well I was totally wrong!  I want to say it was when I started feeling super nauseous (like I did with Brooke) first trimester, but this time was worse. I still didn't throw up, but man I felt horrible and just different. I seemed to feel my best in the morning and worse at night.  I also thought I was carrying a little different, but I also was thinner this time around when I got pregnant.

Other signs? I craved lemons/lemonade anything sour!  I still like sweets, but don't crave them like I did with Brooke. I really could take them or leave them and I really try to leave them!  I also want cheeseburgers and fried chicken, which again, I try not to indulge in very much, if at all!

Silly signs--

I did the baking soda/pee in the cup---it totally fizzed really fast but then disappeared. We weren't sure what the heck that meant!

Chinese gender chart said boy!

When we asked Brooke, "Girl or boy?" She always said, "BOY!" Until today when I went to go leave for the ultrasound she said, "Girl."  Trickster!

I bought a little frog sleeper and stuck it my hope chest shortly after finding out that I was expecting.  We also picked out a "harbor blue" paint color that we liked, if it so happened to be a boy.  Joe was convinced it was another girl, so that was the only time he really put forth anything for a boy.  The rest of the time he has told me, don't expect it to be a boy…

But it is!!

I know I would be happy with two little girls, but I just really wanted to experience both! I also thought it would be perfect, since I only had sisters and Joe has a brother--it broke the mold!  How cool!?  I also worried that since their birthdays are so close, it might cause competition or hurt feelings…but I have pretty good idea that a little boy will be totally fine with whenever his birthday falls.  I think girls are more dramatic like that.   I also think a sister/brother relationship is different than same sex ones. I don't know (obviously) but I just think it would be.

Because I'm all cheesy like that, I of course have "a song" to play.  Last time I kept playing a few songs over and over about a girl, and now I keep ballin my eyes out over this one.

I played it this morning before we went, and cried a little. I was going to send it to Joe, but thought, no I won't.  On the way to the Dr's I asked to send me a sign.  Another Brad Paisley song came on the radio and I thought, "ok…"  Sign acknowledged, thank you!

Our little man flexing his muscles!!

Our, "OMG WE GOT A BOY" faces…and all my makeup cried off.

I still can't believe it and I don't even know where to start. It's funny how finding out the gender makes everything seem so real.  I can envision the room and what he may look like and how he will fit right into our lives.  Ahhh! I am just so excited and filled with joy.  We are so very blessed and I know that these next 20 weeks will fly right by.  


  1. So excited for you!! I love my little boys!

  2. YAY!!! Congrats Jenn!!! so excited you are adding a little boy to your family :)


  4. so sweet! yay baby boy!.. ps can you tell i'm playing catch up!? ;) don't feel like you have to respond to all of my comments lol


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