Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Fair

Last Friday I saw that one of our local fairs were happening.  I thought it would be fun for Brooke to experience, so we went during the day since I figured it'd be less crowded.   There really wasn't a whole lot going on and not too much to see, but it was still something and I'm glad we took her!

The "petting zoo" area.  There were just some cows--she loved it!

You could't pet the Alpacas, so I thought that was odd they'd have them out…Brooke thought so too.

She just kept running away from us and wanted to go explore!

Her faaaaavorite ever: Swings.

And then she's done.

Daddy was naughty and grabbed some fried dough while mommy used the ladies room.  The pictures speak for themselves! haha

She won her first prize!  She just had to pick up a duck and if it had a #2, she would get a duck.  She won!

Then Daddy tried winning something at the 'break a bottle' game.

And all Mama won was this itty bitty crab at the balloon dart game.

She was still very happy with her lucky duck!

It was super hot, after feeling like Fall these last few days…but it was a nice little outing for sure!

Next time I hope there are rides for her or something; I know she would just love that!  

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