Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nesting Already???

Hey hey hey my peeps!! I am sitting here KID FREE.  I have been busting my booty around here getting things organized--I woke up sore from non stop moving yesterday! We took Brooke and my niece to the Zoo [post to come] and then my sister brought the girls to my Dad's.  Joe's busy working another crazy tent sale, and although I wish I were in Dallas for AdvoCare's Success School, that did not work out for me this time. NEXT YEAR however, I will find a way to get myself and my team {girls ya heard!} there.

So for now?

It starts with the need to empty out the guest room. AKA Jenn's closet. The whole room just filled with my crap stuff.  Why so much stuff? Why could one person need all those shoes, clothes, purses. scarves, pretty jewels?  I dunno, but she does.

I went to Target sans Brooke, and was able to get some clear bins, came home and got to work! I have already gone through my clothes a few times this summer--donated about 10 bags--and could probably do some more weeding out.  I have to do this a few times because sometimes I feel sentimental towards these objects, or things, and other times? I WANT IT GONE.  Like right now, I keep opening new cupboards and closets and just tossing things that I know are not being use nor can be donated.  Our garage over floweth.

I had to combine Joe's TWO closets into one, and so far so good. I don't think he likes it much, but mama needs to move in.

I ordered this shoe ottoman for the foot of our bed; we've been wanting something to put there for awhile, so that our pillows or clothes from the day, whatever, can be set there and not on the floor. We just never found something we loved. Well, it's GO time and I saw this from Sole Secret and though--YES.  I need this!  I'm hoping it gives me more closet space to organize with and I can keep my shoes in it.

Here's the idea:

The best price I found was this site, and you're first time ordering you save 15% which basically covers the cost of shipping.  I thought the "Latte" color would fit nicely and not show any extra Sadie fur.  #becausethatsreallywhatmatters

Fun colors and patterns--

When I get mine, I'll be sure to give a little review!

I still have to figure out where everything is going, but I am on a huge roll and very excited!  It's really helpful to not have to stop and chase Brooke, as she is so much fun to play with, but nothing really gets accomplished. This way I have focused and am determined to move my closet into our bedroom/master bath area by this weekend.

Even though my belly is growing, I think it's a pretty good wakeup call to Joe that ish is getting real, and we need to get going because baby 2 will be here before we know it! He also realizes that we are outgrowing our home and really do need something that suits us all better.  It's not that our house itself isn't big enough, but the way it's designed doesn't suit our needs the best.  Plus I hate living on a track; I cannot wait to be in the country!!  OK and a walk-in closet will really help matters, but until then I have storage bins and some ideas up my sleeves!

I condensed his "every day shirts" and put all the bulky sweatshirts into bins. I am thinking that when it cools down, I'll swap the shorts (up on the shelf) out with the sweatshirts.  Makes sense to me?! I sent him this pic and I think it scared him a little…haha

PS Who needs 10 black belts?! hehe

I know the nesting phase is really when you're close to your due date, but this urge is insane and I don't know what else to call it!!

What has really been helping me focus:

1. Keep
2. Toss
3. Maybe

To be honest, the only reason there's a maybe pile is for Joe to look at, and for the most part he's telling me to toss! (and by toss, I don't mean literally throw out, some stuff yes, but we are donating a lot and that feels good too!)

I just felt the need to document my thought process, ask for a little help, and hope to look back in a few weeks when all is organized and well!

So, anyone out there with limited closet space, how to do you organize your girlie things? Necklaces, scarves, hats, purses?  I am looking for any ideas that you may have! I appreciate it.  Happy Saturday friends! 

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