Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cupcake Themed First Birthday

I had a little too much fun preparing for my daughter's first birthday.  Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Success School, so I channeled my frustration into decorating.  Enter, Target, Jo-Ann Fabrics and Party City. 

I also love that we have all of these beautiful photos, but I am totally bummed that we didn't take any videos!? We were having so much fun in the moment, and I was running around the whole time, I forgot to document on film.  
I'm only human.

So enjoy these photos!!

The "Cupcake" theme was perfectly timed with Valentine's Day right around the corner. 

Ok so this wasn't exactly for the party, but I thought they were cute! haha

I put almond paste cookies in here all wrapped up for our guests.

I even found thank you cards!

Saturday morning hubby was on balloon detail.  He got 20 balloons blown up.

As soon as you entered the house, we had a little table set up with Joe and my first birthday photos.

Everyone loved seeing how much Brooke looked like the two of us, and how young our parents looked!

We put the extra leaf in the table in the kitchen and had a few extra chairs.  I used my grandmother's pink table cloth and one from PC.  I bought my daughter pink roses for her birthday.  I also set out some photo-books.   Joe picked her up a button and a lollipop.

In our dining room, we made it pretty pink with pops of purple.

I used an extra buffet table to set up the favors [almond paste cookies] and a few extra cute baby photos.  I bought extra white lights after Christmas 1/2 off, and used pink tulle I purchased from Jo-Anns.

We set up her high chair, fit for a princess!

Rugs- Target dollar
Balloon- Party City
Tulle- Jo-Anns
Heart lights- Target dollar
Sign- Target

These fun little party decorations for an extra pop of color.  {Target} The tablecloth is actually a piece of fabric that was on clearance from Jo-Ann's that my MIL ironed nice and neat for us, thank you!!

My wine cabinet was decked out of course, as well.

The sweets!
Chocolate & Valentine's Day funfetti cupcakes
Her cake was from scratch.  Vanilla and almond flavor.

I just loved how elegant and feminine the entire room felt.  I have a feeling my little girl will one day have a birthday party full hunting, sports, or fishing or some 'boyish' theme, and that will be fine with me.  I will enjoy the pink tulle while I still can!

The drinks:
I wanted to have a beverage bar.
Mimosas in pink plastic champagne flutes.
Red and white wine.
Beer and water was in the cooler.
Coffee ready to go.

Fun straws for anyone who wanted.

Since we're Italian and all, there was SO MUCH food!
Antipasto w/ cheese and pepperoni
homemade Italian rolls
Chicken cutlets 
Sausage, peppers & onions
Over the rainbow Mac and Cheese
I had to make a salad too!
We also had a veggie tray, chicken wing dip & some roll-up things my MIL made
Aunt Phyllis was a huge help!

In the living room we pushed back the couch and stuck a table for the gifts in the corner.


  1. Omg this is the cutest thing ever! Love, love, love it! Happy birthday Brooke!

  2. You did such a wonderful job, I still can't believe she's one!

  3. Looks so great!! You did an amazing job.

  4. everything looks so good. great job with everything. looks like she had a great b-day. how are you doing now she is one... ? its going to be so fun for you

  5. LOVE. Everything looks awesome.. the theme? adorable. & you totally couldn't have picked a better time! I love how you guys displayed pictures from when you were babies. SO fun!


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