Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lust List Spring '16

Happy Thursday!
I'm SO over this snow/ice/sleet junk sitting outside our windows.
I really want the weather to warm up so we can take long walks, play outside & just enjoy the sun.

Until then...

I've got quite a list growing in my mind of some very pretty things I would love to own!  
A girl can dream, right?

Lust List '16

I haven't bit the bullet to try these bad boys out yet.  I hear they're the most comfortable yoga pants ever, but I wouldn't know!

Summer Tote-
I mentioned my green tote yesterday, but I really love the geo cork look!  It's the same style, but has a different color/texture.  I love that I can stuff a bunch of baby stuff, plus my stuff & toddler. It's the perfect size mom tote!

Apple Watch-
I kind of want a fit bit, but Nikki said this would be better!
I would like to see my movement, sleep patterns, calories burned?
I need to do some more research.

New Nikes-
It's been a year and I really would like a new pair of kicks.
These hot pink do not come in my size 9, or they'd be purchased already.
Great price!

Ipad mini-
I love my iphone 6 plus and I have the ipad 2, so this is so not necessary. However, I would love a mini as it's not as bulky as my iPad.

What's on your lust list??

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  1. Yes go for the watch! I promise I will do a review on it SOON! I will shoot to do it next week! I have the 6s and I just traded iPads with my step mom. She had the mini and I had a 4th generation larger one. She wanted to have a bigger screen and I wanted a less bulky one. Good decision! I have one pair of Lulu's and LOVE them only they are not leggins they are regular kick around pants. So comfy! I wanna try the leggins next! I love those kicks!


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