Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Intern

I somehow convinced hubby to watch this movie with me a few weeks ago.  I didn't realize it was by the same director that did The Holiday, but I'm not surprised that I loved it!!  The last few movies we've chosen, he's fallen asleep, so I didn't feel too bad picking this knowing that if he did fall asleep, it wouldn't be the movie!

Anyway, he did stay awake but I have to say, the first few minutes of the movie, I was a blubbering mess!!!   I did not see that coming...I'm not trying to ruin the movie by any means, but here is what was going through my head.

Here's an old man in his 70's who worked his whole life, married the love of his life, had a son, a gorgeous home and had everything that most of us dream to have...

However, like I mentioned, he is 70.  His wife had passed.  He retired.  His son moved away to a different state with his family, and he was all alone.

It struck me as I watched him routinely sit alone, read a paper, drink his coffee in silence.  One day, that will be me.  Or it will be Joe. And holy cow, that is so scary!!  Now, I know we will are all going to grow old and one day die, that is not my point.

My point is, enjoy the now.  There are days I so badly want sit alone and read blogs & drink my coffee hot.  But I usually end up getting up off the chair 10 times to fix a toy, change a diaper, grab a juice, offer a snack, and end up re-heating my coffee.

I know that I always tell myself to slow down and enjoy the now, but seeing this movie just made it that much more of a reality!    Don't get me wrong, I am certainly the type of mom who needs breaks. Nights out. Days off.  Hour here or there to myself.  But in the day to day, I just want to make sure I am enjoying the crazy.  The messes.  The spills.  The peanut butter foot and hand mask that my daughter gave herself last week.  I couldn't even yell at her because it was just funny and weird and why would you do that?!  Yes, dipping her hands in water and then smearing peanut butter.  I wasn't sure how to clean it off at first as it just kept smearing and sliding!

I wish I had snapped a photo, but it was one of those moments I know I won't forget.  Life as a mom. Motherhood.  Crazy toddlers.

Digressing...but seriously, the movie was excellent and gave me a perspective that I needed to be reminded of.

Perhaps it's because my parents are divorced and both still work.  My grandparents are no longer around.  I'm not really that close with anyone who is living that type of to see it staring at me in the face, that was powerful.

I believe we watched it for a reason and that it gave me an extra skip in my step as I pick up the books Bradley has dumped over for the second time in one hour.  Or the energy to run 5 errands, carefully buckling and unbuckling both carseats each time we needed to get in or out.

It's a season, I know this.   Soon they'll be off at school and we'll have other things consuming our days, and I'll miss the moments where I hear "No mommy!" and the door slams shut and both kids giggle.

I'm going to miss this.

I know.

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  1. I love when we get perspective from a movie or a book or anything. It really makes you stop and think and remember to really enjoy the here and now. Like you said it is a season.

    I'll call you later after work...


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