Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekly Keep

Happy Tuesday friends!  With that said, I of course want to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone in Brussels.  I just can't believe this is the world in which we live in, and my heart goes out to them.  8 am in the morning at an airport or 9am on the metro...innocent lives.  It's just devastating. I will continue to spread peace and kindness as much as I can and do my part...

My scheduled post for today...

Spring colors are the perfect addition to any outfit.  The citron keeper is a hot one right now!

Add a pineapple for the perfect yet simple accent!

The rose quartz, rose gold, and saddle have it going on!

Mother's Day is around the corner, how adorable is this?

I received my new Pink dipped wristlet pouch and I LOVE it! It's really quite big and I was impressed with how much it can hold.

I'm having several Be Kind & Design Socials on Facebook!  If you're interested in hosting or shopping one,  say the word!

My favorite luxe stone is by far this one:  The Howlite Stone

Have a beautiful day xox

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