Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekly Keep

Happy Tuesday!!  Just a little silly picture of bubs and I from over the weekend!  It's so much fun (and exhausting at times!) to stay at home with my munchkins.    I've always needed a creative outlet to share my love for fashion and trends, so when I joined as a Keep Collective Designer, I knew I would just love it!

The beauty of it is obviously the flexible entrepreneurship.  I can make time when I have time.  Monday it was while the kiddos napped in the afternoon.  Sometimes it's at night when they're in bed.  Whenever I can, I fit it in!!

I do most of my business online, only because I don't have access to a lot of babysitters.  In my ideal world, I'd be able to get out of the house more and go socialize and have lots of girl time (while making that money!)

For now?  I connect with ladies online and have socials via Facebook. They don't have to clean their homes or provide food/drinks, and I don't have to find a sitter. WIN/WIN.

This month we are partnering with the Kind Campaign and I decided to try out a silicone keeper. OMG.  I knew they were great for younger girls, but this pink lover is so happy to have it!! It's a lot more easy to wear daily, as I don't worry about it getting wet when I wash my hands a million times (hello dirty diapers) or when I am doing dishes (all day errrrr day!)

The Kind Campaign is such an amazing organization that is helping to end girl/girl bullying.  AKA "mean girls."  We all know that mean girls grow up to be mean women, and the truth is, it's getting out of hand, especially with online bullying.

Our Kind keys are so cute and I adore them!  I have never liked the movie Mean Girls, even if it's just for fun... I've always had a sensitive soul and quite honestly can't find the humor in being mean.

I chose two looks for today, one is the camo---girls can be a little more outdoorsy too!

And of course, the hot pink silicone,  shown with the Stella & Dot harmony bracelet.

I think that it looks fabulous even from the other side!

I've personally partnered with Shelby who is a Stella & Dot stylist.  She is wearing her Kind keys on a citron keeper---how gorgeous?!  And for $19 you can grab the rainbow harmony bracelet from her!

Want to see my latest (and first) Newsletter?
Weekly Keep with Jenn

I thought it would be the perfect way to utilize my love of writing & keep my customers informed.  I am hoping that it will really help my business grow and I'll get to express my fashion interests as well!

If you'd like to receive the latest trends, feel free to sign up here!

Speaking of trends, we are going to be launching the wristlet today!!  There is one navy dipped and one hot pink dipped----squeal!! Super simple and very much Summer ready!! I am always loving a wristlet to keep all of my little necessities when switching from diaper bag to purse.


Lots of ladies are loving the luck o' the Irish!! Green is in this week and we are keeping happy!

If you're interested in booking a social or supporting the Kind Campaign, leave a comment below!  I am always looking to grow my team of ladies.  They have just announced the items in the new starter kits and I am so excited!! There are some perfect Keep pieces they've added and whether you sign up for $149 or $349, you would not be disappointed!!  I love empowering other women and helping great causes, such as this.

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