Monday, January 30, 2017

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Happy Monday! 

So, I wanted to share my thoughts and feeling now that I'm all done with my Juice Cleanse.  First and foremost, I am NOT a Dr, nutritionist or anything of that nature!  I am just a girl who loves her body and wants to feel the best she can!

I used Instagram, "Instastory"{Styled_by_Jenn} to kind of keep a daily log of my thoughts etc.  I discovered that you can just save the whole story from the day, so I did that (which case now you see random's of my kids etc, hey that's my life!!) 

I did forget to document a few times when I drank my juice, but I think it's a decent overall impression.  Overall I would give myself a 97% (haha! The old teacher in me!)  I drank so much water and kept a fairly good attitude; there was one point on day 3 where I was getting a little absurd and mad over nothing at all.

The hardest part was cooking meals for my kids and my husband, while sipping on juice. I love food SO MUCH and enjoy eating healthy, so to not be able to nibble here or there at all for 3 days was tricky.

I chose Breathe Yoga's 3 Day Juice Cleanse program.  It was $112 which worked out to about $6 a juice, and for that price I figured it was well worth the money.  Buying all organic fruits and veggies and then making the time to juice them may have prevented me from doing all three days.

3 days

6 juices or smoothies a day

I picked up at 7 or 9am and again at 3pm.  

I chose a 3pm smoothie because I know my body well enough to know that is when I crash. I had something to look forward to and it was always a delicious drink!

I found it SUPER convenient to just go grab the juices, other than being an idiot and dumping the second morning's juices in my truck.

Would I recommend the cleanse to anyone? Yes and no.  If you've NEVER cleansed before, I highly suggest you checking out Advocare's 10 day cleanse. I still find that one to be way easier mostly because you can eat real food! It also taught me what foods are best for my body and honestly it's more practical for every day life.

Simply drinking juice for 3 days straight is not teaching you anything about how to live healthier.  Sure it will give you a sense of what juices you may enjoy and what I learned is that maybe when I am eating one of my 5 or 6 small meals, I could replace one of my meals with a juice and probably be totally fine.

At the end of day three, I gave in and ate some plain Kale with lemon squeezed on it. I also had a banana with my very last wheatgrass drink.

I could tell my body was almost in shock by day 4, as I woke up so hungry and almost lethargic.  I couldn't wait to get the eggs into my system for some protein! I am a HUGE protein believer and with all of the running around I do, I firmly believe our bodies need it.


With a cleanse you worry about "going" too much or not enough...I just went once in the morning.  Nothing to worry about there!

I did lose 4 lbs in those three days, but they all came back.  I did not cleanse in hopes of losing weight, I really wanted to reset my body and see if it helped with my Reflux issues.  While I had no tummy troubles at night, sometimes my stomach aches when I lay down to go to sleep, I still had the 'caught in the throat feeling' every day, if not worse than normal. (lack of stomach acid?)

So if you're looking to challenge yourself and have always wanted to try a juice cleanse, by all means go for it!  I would probably have been smarter to do it in the Summer, as I mention in my video I got pretty cold one day.  I am craving juices now and certainly am not taking for granted my ability to eat healthy and real foods again.  

If you're looking to lose weight and firm up, then certainly just start eating better and working out. Nothing beats the gold old fashioned way.

PS. I could totally go for a hot apple and cinnamon drink; that was so yummy!!

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to ask below.  I would love to answer them for you!


  1. I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse, but I am hypoglycemic and I worry that I couldn't handle it.


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