Saturday, October 27, 2012

30 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along:
30 weeks
Nothing maternity!!
Tank: XL Target
Skirt: ON (few years back)
Cardi: Ann Taylor Loft
Scarf: Gift from a friend
Necklace: Kohls
Holy Guacamole--10 weeks to go?!
Baby is the size of a Head of Lettuce:
google images
 She's over 3 pounds!!
Weight Gain:
At the 28 week mark,
The Dr came in laughing and said,
"It says here you've gained 40 pounds. Does it feel like you've gained 40 lbs?"
Me: "YES! Is that too much?"
Dr: "No, no. I'll measure baby...just expect a 9 pounder."
Me: "Yup, that's what I'm figuring."
So yeah, I knew the "gaining 25 lbs" was for the birds!
Sure, I don't love the extra chunk in my butt, or thighs, or under my armpits
{I'm still trying to keep my muscle tone, but man my underarms are soft...}
I don't care how much I gain, as long as I'm eating healthy, and 
I'll get my body back-ish.
I've been rocking maternity for the majority of pregnancy.
Medium maternity shirts no longer fit, it's all large from now on.
My medium maternity shorts are too tight for my big ol' booty.
My medium maternity jeans are still fine though.
I can wear my normal cardigans/jackets/zip-ups but none of them close {obvi}
I am loving my PINK boyfriend sweatpants from VS in size Large.
Stretch Marks:
Still none!!
I use the Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter in the morning after a shower.
I slather on the Mama Bee oil at night before bed.
I have been pretty good!
I just know what I can/cannot eat for the heartburn.
My back gets sore, so I use the heating pad.
I'm a tad more tired during the day--
I'm not sleeping great.
I'm up every 2 hours using the bathroom and my left bum cheek gets numb
from laying on it.
I just try and rest as much as I can and nap here and there if possible.
Best Moment of the Week:
She is a mover and a shaker!
I love love love feeling her swirl around and kick.
She loves her daddy's voice so much!!
I've been getting lots of "Fluff Mail" aka cloth diapers!
I have all of her bedding in place & was able to show it off to some close 
friends and family at my TS party.
I love just sitting in her nursery and daydreaming about meeting my little girl.
I also started buying/packing for my hospital bag!
Miss Anything:
I miss cuddling with my husband at night!
We are that couple that constantly is holding, touching, all night long.
Even if it's just our feet...
But we have that damn Snoogle between us and as much as I love it,
I miss curling up with just him.
Nothing crazy...
Just sweets.
I'm really trying to eat well balanced small meals all day long.
It seems to be working!
If anyone is interested, comment and let me know I'll a 
"What I eat" entry.
Belly Button:
Still stretched out--weirdo!!
I was such an innie, so I don't think it will ever pop out.
Wedding Rings:
I'm happy and excited today.
Prego Monster rears its head once in awhile,
but I think my husband would say for the most part I've been pretty good!?
Looking Forward to:
 My baby shower next weekend!!
I hope to get a cute outfit this week...
if FrankenStorm doesn't keep me from the mall.


  1. I am so fascinated by this whole FrankenStorm! Keep safe and cozy :)

    But you are looking beautiful, Jenn! I really like the way you're wearing your hair- it is such a great color on you! Sounds like Bebe Brooke is going to be a big, healthy baby!!! Very exciting!

  2. aww, you look SO happy:) at what week did you start wearing maternity? Where is your favorite place to shop for maternity stuff? I have a feeling I'm gunna get HUGE LOL. My Mom got super big with me even though she was small. She also didn't get stretch marks, did your mom get any with you? I wonder if it's true what they say about if your mom had them you will too. You have to be getting excited, hopefully you have less than 10 weeks to go:) SO excited for you, I feel like this pregnancy has flown by!

    1. My mom got stretch marks, but I kept mine to my love handles (lol) and my butt. Use cocoa butter like mad!!

  3. you don't look like you gain any weight. not fair! haha,,

  4. Wowee, a 9-pounder! :) You're pretty smart to use belly butter so you won't get stretch marks. Have fun at your baby shower!

  5. Thank you for this blog! I found you through Alison's blog (life and times) and you have kept me company on a few nights when I wasn't feeling well. All the best with your almost here addition!

  6. You look amazing!! I love your attitude about the weight gain...I feel the same way!! I was almost to 25 pounds at my last appt (at 24 weeks) so I know that next appt I'm going to be well past it!!

  7. I love reading these. You have such a great attitude. And you look beautiful each and every time. I'm so excited for you. ;)

  8. I used to sit in my babies nurseries before they were born,,too! You look beautiful as always and don't worry about the weight, I promise you will be shocked at how quickly it fades without even trying. You are smart to just focus on beinh healthy:) You are almost there!!!!

  9. You look amazing!!! So excited for you!! :)


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