Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Vlog!

I did it.
I finally made a little video--
You can hear my weird voice [sorry it's not very loud]
and see my baby bump!
I look forward to getting better at these silly VLOGS--yay!
Here "we" are!!

Here are some of the links I'm going to work with for baby girl's fleece blanket...
Can't wait to show it off!! 
Have a great day.


  1. I love it!! You are so freaking cute! I remember how winded I got towards the end and I would be out of breath just sitting there! You look adorable and I did the same thing with mine and Jim's baby pics! Brooke is going to be gorgeous!! The first days I was home alone with Jax we just slept a lot and people brought us dinner and breakfast breads!! MUAH!! Do more vlogs!

  2. You are so cute!! You'll have to take pictures of the blanket when you are done, I might have to make one for my little one. So- I didn't go to the grocery store for a while after my baby was born, just because I didn't want to expose the baby to a lot of germs. But- one thing you can do and that I'm starting to work on is putting some meals in the freezer, then at least you can have dinner ready for your husband! I made an extra loaf of bread and extra pizza crust this week. We used a pacifier. We just took it away from our little boy (18 months old) and he did fine. Don't stress about it, use it if you want to! When that baby is crying at night you'll do anything to make them happy!

  3. I love seeing you on video! Good job on your first vlog. We called those things nucks when I was a kid. You're going to be a great mom. I like that you're being realistic and making small goals. Even little accomplishments are good. There's no such thing as perfect!

  4. YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!! Loveee the vlog and can't wait until you're a mom and we get to see the baby! We called pacifiers "babas" when I was younger. Isn't that weird?? haha :)

  5. omg you are the cutest!! love it!!

  6. Oh my GOSH. This was SO COOL getting to see and hear you! That probably sounds so creepy, but with blogging, I feel like some bloggers are my friends that I know pretty well, and you definitely fall into that category, so getting to see you talk and move (like a real person!) instead of just reading your writing...beyond neat! :)

  7. New follower :) loved your vlog, you are so cute!! :)


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