Friday, October 26, 2012

Giveaway Winner and a few Updates

It's a gorgeous sunny day here in New York!
I cannot believe that I saw "81" degrees yesterday.
Isn't it late October??
Looks like we'll be getting an awful forecast for Halloween, 
so we'll take what we can get.
I wanted to first of all thank you for entering my little giveaway,
the winner of these tasty foods is:
Which happens to be the hottie mama,
SO excited you can enjoy your yummies in your new home
{and fancy new kitchen}
Congrats Girlie!!!
I'll be in touch to get your new addy.
If any of you still want to order, my party will be open until Thursday November 1.
Feel free to order below:
If you want to know what I'll be ordering 
{aka what tasted ah-mazing and I need it in my mouth like now}
Feel free to leave your questions in the comments!
In other news,
I concocted an iron-friendly smoothie recipe:
  I just threw it in a blender and it came out looking like
{go ahead, admit poo}
It won't be my first smoothie choice in life,
but if I'm taking in the essentials,
and it's healthy for baby (and me.)
I'm in.
I also am trying out oatmeal again.
It seemed to have been a heartburn trigger around month 5,
but everyone keeps suggesting oatmeal & raisins, 
so here it goes...
I tossed the raisins in the last 2 minutes of the oatmeal cooking,
which makes them ooey gooey!
I then stirred a little maple syrup in with two sliced strawberries.
It was delish; I hope it doesn't bother me!!
Food is on my mind 24/7.
I am happy to report that I did enjoy 3 soft Barbacoa tacos from Chipotle
last night.
I had a little reflux issue around midnight,
popped a few tums, and added one more pillow to my stack.
It was soooo worth it.
Oh yeah!
Tuesday we went out to the restaurant where
my sweet husband proposed in the parking lot.
{Our story here}
We had our first kiss under a lamplight there January 18th, 2008
and 3 years ago we went back there.
He got down on one knee,
asked me to make him the happiest man in the world,
and I said yes.
We enjoyed an Italian meal,
and although his knee did not get rain-soaked
from kneeling,
we still shared a lamplight kiss
with baby bump between us.
My sister is having a Halloween Party this weekend,
Joe and I will be dressing up and attending...
My costume is most likely inappropriate and quite funny, if I may add.
 I'll be trying to do a 30 week bumpdate (soon) as that's where I am at today!!
Have a great day & enjoy the warmth if you're getting it like meeee!


  1. Crazy weather isn't it?! NOT EXCITED about this freakin' hurricane that's supposed to hit:( You look SO tall in that picture, cute though. We have a Halloween party to go to this weekend too and I still have to finish my costume and make something to take to it. SO behind!

  2. You look INCREDIBLE! That is such a cute outfit :) Have an awesome weekend

    xoxo andrea

  3. What's you're costume

    You look stunning like always

  4. I bet those Chipotle tacos were totally worth it! And now I am totally grabbing some of my own after work! My mouth is on the verge of watering! Haha

    You look AMAZE in that outfit! You are rocking those shoes!

    And I love the image of you and your husband returning to the place of your proposal with a baby bump :) Sooooo sweet.


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