Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catching Up

Well, hello there dumplings! 
We have been busy up in herrr.
All good things.
Well, except for this recipe
{disclaimer, I know some of you raved about it, but it just wasn't our cup of tea}
I am SO sorry that I told any of you to make it...

Hubs usually loves my cooking.
I threw it in the slow cooker before running off to my MIL's to sew.
I thought it'd be perfect to come home to eat!
He didn't even finish it.
He said it tasted like cat food.
I had to agree, and fed the rest of it to the dogs.
[since I had used expensive organic pork chops, I could not throw it away]
Very salty and just not good.
The dogs ate it, but then again they eat anything..
Toilet paper off the roll??? 
OH well.
I guess this is what happens when you pretend to be Giada in the kitchen.
I've tried to redeem myself with a semi-homemade chicken pot pie:
 {I started slicing and realized I needed a pic!}
It was excellent, I should have not added onions, as I did burp them up all night...
Saturday I went to a friend's baby shower.
She is absolutely glowing & baby Blake got sooooo many clothes!
She's going to be busy prepping with all the fun goodies she received
and it makes me sooooo excited for mine!!
I wore this:
Dress: Maternity @ Kohl's
{which I received an e-mail from a lady saying I should include their website,
and offer my readers this 10% off stackable coupon code:
UBLOGTEN which is good through October 24th.
There ya go!}
Boots: Steve Madden @ VS
Boot socks: Target
Scarf: Kohl's a few years ago
Sunnies: Target
I so badly wanted to sport heels, but without my husband's arm for security,
I figured it was not worth the potential tumble, as my balance is a
I did switch out my flat riding boots for a pair of heeled boots
as we went out Saturday night to a comedy club.
I bought hubby tickets for his birthday.
We saw
He was entirely inappropriate and very funny.
We laughed our white booties off,
and were home in pajamas by 10.
It was perfect night out!
Another OOTD
I was super excited to wear an entire outfit, NON maternity!!
Everything I am wearing here, I bought in Europe on our honeymoon.
Yay for stretchiness.
And no, I cannot see my toes any more.
I am wearing the pretty necklace I won in the beautiful Rachel's giveaway!
Brooke's nursery is really coming together!

Just another teaser for you, til our big reveal.
I began packing her diaper bag for the hospital...
Just a few onesies, sleepers, an outfit, hats, & socks...
And this in case her umbilical cord is rubbing on a onesie,
a cute white side snap long sleeve tee
and black leggings:
We scheduled our maternity photoshoot for November, 
which comes free with her newborn photo sesh to be done the weekend she comes home.
My sweet mom sent me this for her!!
{speaking of, she just had surgery, so send her some speedy recovery wishes}
Should be a fun little get-up for her!!
I have been wanting a headband like this!
She also threw in a little window sign for daddy
My current obsession?
Researching everything and anything I can about cloth diapering.
It seems to be a new obsession each week.
One week breastfeeding.
Another, the 5 "s" to a happy sleepy baby.
Now? I want to cloth diaper.
I am confident we can at least try it and I'll explain more in other posts.
My first purchase came from Amazon:
I've been watching a ton of Vlogs and I am finding myself watching more on You Tube
than the boob tube.
Do any of you find yourselves doing that??
It's also making me want to record more videos, as I am going to want to relive these
precious moments forever.
Less than 11 weeks, and our little bean will be here! 
Hope you had a healthy & relaxing weekend.


  1. I want to cloth diaper, but living in an apartment with shared washer/dryers are less than

  2. Was wondering where you have been! Everything for baby is coming together so well, the nursery looks adorable. I've tried a few recipes that I just did NOT love. It's the most irritating thing ever(at least for me!) I couldn't imagine cloth diapering, but I can't wait to hear how it works out for you:)

  3. i made those pork chops last year for christmas and they were fabulous.

    you are so cute being pregnant! i love all the baby clothes, too. precious.

  4. I am glad I haven't tried that recipe yet! 11 weeks!! I really need to get your packages to you!!! I am so excited!

  5. I can't believe you only have 11 weeks left! Love all the baby clothes and that you've packed her [Coach!!!] diaper bag too. I can't wait to see the maternity/newborn photos.

  6. Haha, where are your toes?!? :) I don't watch much TV anymore. I used to just waste hours watching reruns, so I'm trying to be more productive with my time.

  7. Hi! I recently found you on youtube after searching for other soon-to-be moms who currently are near 28 weeks like me. I think it is so cool that you are going to try to cloth diaper. I just wanted to suggest trying ALVA baby cloth diapers. They are super cheap (I think the priciest one is $5.58) and look cute too. I've read people's reviews on them and I haven't seen anything bad yet. I ordered one a couple days ago and will do a review on how I think it is in quality compared to ones that I have made. Sorry for rambling, I just get excited over cloth diapers :)

  8. Aww, you and your little bump look so cute!

  9. Soo cute I love the necklace and I'd like pie please :)

  10. Ooooh great necklace! What a nice giveaway gift! :)

    I HATE when dinners turn out poorly! And I think it is hilarious that you literally fed it to the dogs! Haha chicken pot pie is one of my absolute favorite comfort meals- that sounds like a MUCH better option than those ranch pork chops!


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